Is It Safe to Visit Your Dentist During This Pandemic?


The world came to a halt because of COVID19. And with the risk of getting infected, a lot of people are wondering whether they should push through with their dental appointment or wait until the situation improves.  

While it’s true that so many lives were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is still important to take care of your oral health. Below are a few things you should consider before visiting your dentist amidst this pandemic:  

1. Check if you are at risk 

It can be a bit scary to visit the dentist at this time. You have no idea if the people around you have COVID-19 unknowingly. That is why social distancing is implemented everywhere. You don’t just know when you can get the virus or who is carrying it. Better check if the dental facility has safety procedures in place before you schedule your dental appointment.  And if you need a recommendation, call the Dentist in North Eastham.

2. Consider virtual appointments 

Nowadays, most clinics and hospitals are equipped with technology to offer phone or video appointments. Telehealth is available in some facilities so check if the dental clinic offers such a feature. If it is an urgent issue, check if you can visit a dental emergency Brisbane facility for treatment.  

3. Focus on preventive care 

Not all dental problems need urgent attention. You may have to wait until the situation improves before you push through with a dental appointment. If you have routine dental care in place, do not miss out on it. Ask your doctor to help you decide if you need to visit the clinic or if you can have the dental consultation via telemedicine. There is a higher risk if you visit the dentist at this point. The virus may live in some high-speed dental tools. Postponing your routine cleaning is perfectly fine.  

4. Know how quickly the virus is spreading 

Different locations may have different protocols in place. Check how fast the virus is spreading in your area in case you need to visit a dental emergency Brisbane facility. Look at the numbers or statistics of persons infected and how fast the recovery rate. This is when virtual sessions with your dental professional are highly recommended. If the doctor agrees that your condition is not urgent, then it is best to delay your visit. However, if you need emergency dental treatment, seek the advice of a dental professional.  

5. Be mindful of your oral health

While it’s advisable to delay any dental visit, taking care of your oral health should still be your priority, along with your body/mouth connection. If other parts of the body are unwell, the mouth may experience oral issues. For instance, people with diabetes usually have oral problems. People with metabolic problems experience bad breath and other underlying issues. 

These are some of the things you should think about before your next dental appointment. If you are unsure, always consult your dentist through call or telemedicine. While dental health is important, staying away from COVID-19 is a top priority. You may visit for more information.