A Step By Step Guide To Creation Of Animated Videos

Animated Videos

Using animated videos as marketing tools is not a new and unique concept. Almost every business organization is utilizing the benefiting from these animated explainer videos. Various surveys and statistics have reported that the marketing or promotional email that has an animated introductory video is likely to be read and clicked by most of the people and the relevant audience.

In addition to that, it is safe to claim that video content is the most engaging and interesting marketing content. These animated videos are known to not only capture the attention of the audience, but an interactive animated video will also keep the audience hooked to the end of the video. Animated videos are not only interactive, but their eye-catching graphics and illustrations make them worth watching. Another plus point, they are cost effective too!

Here in this article, we will give to a brief, but comprehensive review of the necessary steps required to create an interesting and attractive animated video. These are some of the important measures that are adopted by various animated video company and studios to produce high-quality animations and video content:

Step #1: Scriptwriting – Animated Videos

First things first, ponder over a unique and innovative message to deliver to your relevant and targeted audience. Think about your script and spend some time composing. Don’t rush the scriptwriting process. The script is the backbone of your animation; a lousy script can give you disastrous outcomes. Regardless of how good your animation is if you don’t have an interesting script your video will not be worthwhile. You only have one and half a minute to deliver your message; it is important that your script is comprehensive.

Step #2: Design

Once you are done with your script, it is time to finalize your illustrations and graphics. Illustrate everything that’s in your scripts such as characters, backgrounds, scenery and the necessary objects. Make sure that your video concept and script is unique from the others. If your illustrations and graphics are not relevant to the script and the idea, it’s not worth making any effort for creating the animated video.

Step #3: Voiceover and background music

Once you have finalized your illustrations and graphics, it’s time to give your characters a voice which means start working on the music and voiceover of your video. The music and voiceover should not only be relevant to the illustrations and script, but it should also be relevant to the product and brand.

Step #4: Animations

The final step in animated video production is an animation where everything comes to life. Once All the illustrations, characters, sceneries, music and voiceover runs together smoothly it time to call it off and relax. However, to reach this point you need be very careful when running your developed video, every single animated object should align with each other and with the background music and voiceover. The characters should not clash or overlap, and the audio should be aligned with the visuals.


Animation requires a lot more work and efforts then the general perception. Giving lifelike characteristics to the animation is not an easy job. Considering the amount of efforts and attention that is required in this work, animation sounds like a fun job, but it is a job for someone with a keen eye.

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