10 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Packaging


Packaging of the products is really significant matter. The selection of the packing needs some rules to be followed. It will be for the growth of your sales and satisfaction of the consumers. Every business has some policies and strategies that enable the business to develop in the industry. Similarly, boxing of the goods cannot be neglected. You need to take great care of some features. You can flourish your business by avoiding some mistake in selecting right and perfect packing stuff for your products. These mistakes are discussed as follows.

Packaging Resembles with Rival’s Boxes

Sometimes you face strict competition in the market among your competitors. You want to increase the sales of your products. Avoid to get the packing stuff similar to your rivals. Never try to copy their corrugated boxes for your products. Your printing and designing must be totally differentiated. The colour, images, logo and description should be distinct completely. Your packing stuff should be unique. If it will resemble with the packing of the competitors then your brand image will be negative in the market and in the heart of the customers. make your own identity with your style. If your competitor is leading in the market then never think that by adopting its packing design and style you can also lead. It will not give you benefits.

Avoid from Complicated Packing

The simple and easy packing is preferred over complicated boxes. you can design and print your corrugated packaging in streamline and simple ways. The jumbled designs on them will represent a worst way to pack the products. It will not create an effective and positive image in the minds of the customers. The customers avoid from buying such products that are packed in complex bags. They demand simple bags.

Not Easy to Open

Make sure that the packing is not hard and the customers can easily open for use. Every age group needs your products. If you packed some eatables for the lunch of children. Then it should not be hard for the children to open the lunch. Otherwise, they will not prefer your products either you have packed their favourite food items. They will avoid to buy for the next time. Think about your target population before selecting the packing material. The customers will feel convenient in purchasing your products due to easy and smooth packing stuff.

Non Eco-Friendly Packs

The eco-friendly or go green boxes are always demanded by the buyers. The customers are taking interest about the protection of the environment. They take notice about every single element that can influence the atmosphere. They buy the goods that are packed in go green boxes. If you fail in facilitating them with eco-friendly bags then they will refuse to buy your products. They will not prefer your goods although you have high standards of the products.

Not Offer Cheap Boxes

The affordable prices are demanded by the people. It doesn’t meant that you keep the rates cheap and your expenses are unable to meet. Your manufacturing cost will be more. Or if you use low quality of the material, printing and designing techniques then it will spoil your bags along with your brand name. The customers demand high standard of the goods and packing with normal prices. Never decrease your quality standard of the stuff and printing materials. It will be harmful to your business. Facilitate the customers with sound quality of the material to make your brand an products on the top of the ranking.

Not Following Modern Techniques

In the modern and innovative age, you need to adopt technical ways of manufacturing, printing and designing of the packing. Avoid to use old methods and graphics for the designing and printing. Make your product packing unique, stylish and distinguish by applying digital printing, 3D and 4D methods. It will enrich the value of your brand. the consumers will get impress at first glance. A splendid image of your goods will be created in the society.

Not Facilitating the Customers with Perfect Customized Bags

The custom boxes are becoming essential in the industry . Almost every single buyer and brand demand the customization to pack the goods. The buyers want customized packing with new designs and decoration as they think. You must facilitate them according to their demands. If you are unable to do so, the consumers will disappoint form you and never come again to you. the customized is giving surprising profits to the sellers. You just need to keep your methods and technology up to date with the passage of time and provide the customers their orders on time. Little mistake can affect your sales negatively in custom packing business.

Don’t Make Extra Large Size

Make the box according to the size of the products. The extra large size will occupy more space during shipping and high cost in manufacturing. You need more material to make it. Therefore, always take the size according to the goods you want to pack. The products may damage during transporting because they will be not perfectly packed. The space inside the packing will not support the goods to fix at one spot. The shipping will be harmful in this case. You can use die cut method to give exact size and shape to your items for perfect fit in the cartons.

Avoid from Printing Blur Images

The pictures also speak. The whole story is told by the images printed on the bags, tins, bottles and jars. The people attract towards stand out printed images. If the pictures are blur on them. It will create problem for the people to see and understand. They will think that the products packed inside them are also not of fine quality. The name of your goods and images must be clear and easy to read. Otherwise, very worst impression will be created.

Inconsistency in Packing Policies

The consistency in packing is necessary to build strong relationship with customers. it is the sign of the loyalty and sincerity with the consumers. You should not alter the packing designs, colours, images and styles after short time period. The consumers will get confuse and they may think you are not serving them with original products. You should be consistent in choosing designs and printing styles as well.

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