What to Know About Advertising in Philadelphia

Advertising in Philadelphia

Although it is known as “The City of Brotherly Love” because of its etymology, Philadelphia can be anything but loving if you inadvertently upset its residents. As the sixth-largest city in the United States with approximately 1.6 million people, Philadelphia presents a golden opportunity to capture new and loyal customers.

Furthermore, a successful advertising campaign in this market can reach up to 40 million domestic tourists who visit Philly each year. With this much potential impact, you may be shocked to learn the reasonable prices for billboards in Philadelphia. These can be found throughout the city near popular tourist attractions and sports venues. There are many ways to advertise in addition to billboards in Philadelphia. Let’s take a deeper look to learn what you need to know about advertising in Philadelphia.

1. Know the High Traffic Areas

While Philadelphia has many historic sites that draw visitors each year, Independence National Historical Park outpaces them all. Showcasing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall among other historic sites, this National Park welcomes more than 5 million guests each year. Depending on your marketing strategy and target demographic, you may value more specific metrics. However, it is tough to ignore the total number of visitors and the diverse demographics of people traveling to learn more about American history.

Another high-traffic area that can’t be ignored is the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. Just off of the main thoroughfare Broad Street, this complex contains the home facilities for the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL teams. About 3.5 miles south of the city’s center, the South Philadelphia Sports Complex has at least one professional franchise in season year-round. It’s also located off of Interstate 95 and surrounded by an expanding business development area, so you can reach a substantial amount of people every day if you identify the proper location and message.

2. Don’t Take the Road Less Traveled

Interstate 95 is a main artery of the American highway system. Arguably, it is the most important interstate since it connects major cities up and down the eastern seaboard. Stretching all the way down to Jacksonville and Miami, Interstate 95 extends north to New York City. Because of this, Philadelphia is in the heart of its most important section, which goes from the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., through Baltimore and Philadelphia before reaching New York.

Don’t overthink or second-guess the data. Tens of thousands of people are driving by billboards in Philadelphia daily. In addition to I-95, Interstate 76 is the main highway heading west out of Philadelphia that connects with Pittsburgh on the other side of the state. Other highways to consider for billboards in Philadelphia are U.S. Route 13 and U.S. Highway 1.

3. Don’t Get Cute

While a clever play on words or a sarcastic teasing of the local team can go viral, Philadelphia is not the market to test your luck. The town has a deeply-rooted pride in its sports teams that spans multiple generations. The Phillies, Philadelphia’s Major League Baseball team, were founded in 1883 and are the oldest franchise in all of American sports to maintain the same city and team name.

Philadelphia’s NFL team, the Eagles, started in 1933 and most recently won the Super Bowl in 2017. These fanbases are passionate and do not take kindly to their team being mocked by outsiders. If your marketing campaign tries to have a light-hearted laugh at the expense of one of these franchises, be aware that it could backfire and lead to customer losses rather than gains.

4. Know the Professional Organizations

Philadelphia is home to much more than sports teams. Television and media giant Comcast has its headquarters in the city. Many major insurance companies also call Philly home, such as Cigna and Colonial Penn. Other well-known corporations based in the city are RiteAid, Five Below, Urban Outfitters, and Aramark. Exploring possible connections or marketing strategies geared toward these corporate headquarters could provide a big return on investment.

5. Know the Colleges and Universities

If your target demographic skews toward a younger crowd, Philadelphia is an ideal location with more than 15 four-year colleges and universities. More than 120,000 college students are enrolled in the city. In the metropolitan area, that number balloons to nearly 300,000. Some of the most recognizable institutions in Philadelphia are the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Drexel, and La Salle.


As the nation’s first capital, Philadelphia is steeped in history, but it is also a modern-day metropolis. With countless professional teams, corporations, and colleges, the marketing possibilities are endless. With the correct message and location, you can easily reach your target demographic and millions more.

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