Top Tips To Prevent Pests From Damaging Your AC

Pest Control

Your air conditioning unit is an important element of your home. However, while you probably use it regularly, it is likely to spend months sitting doing nothing. This is usually the best chance to have it maintained. But, that isn’t enough by itself to keep pests out. You need to be vigilant throughout the year.

Don’t forget, if you discover any sort of pest infestation on your property you should contact the local pest control experts, check them out here.

Naturally, an annual inspection by the pest control specialists will include looking at the air conditioner. But, you can also do the following throughout the year.

Inspect It Monthly

At least once a month take a look at your air conditioning unit. A visual inspection can tell you a lot. You’ll want to look at any visible wiring and the pipework. If there is any sign of chewed wires or the insulation around the pipes is damaged, you have pests and you need to deal with them.

If you can safely remove the cover it is worth looking inside to see any evidence of a nest. Don’t forget, nests in air conditioning units don’t just cause the unit problems, they often provide a direct route into your home. 

If you notice any damage or urine marks and rodent droppings, you need professional assistance.

Check Vents & Entry Points

Rodents have to find a way into your air conditioning unit. It’s an attractive spot as it’s warm and offers protection from predators. The easiest way for them to get in is to gnaw through the vents covering the intake pipes. Check these carefully for any signs of damage.

You should also look over the unit, there may be small gaps around pipe and wire entry points. These small gaps are large enough for mice to get through and start causing you issues.

If you notice potential entry points you need to seal them up. Equally, a damaged vent needs to be replaced. But, you may find it best to replace it with wire mesh. It’s much more difficult for rodents to chew through this. 

Keep It Tidy

While the air conditioning unit is an attractive destination for pests, they have to get to it. They won’t want to draw attention to themselves while doing so. That means a yard with plenty of clutter increases the likelihood of pests in the AC unit. 

In short, the clutter provides cover for them, helping them to get close to your unit. Remove the clutter and tidy the yard, including removing any food waste and you won’t attract pests to your house or give them easy access to your AC.

Turn It Off Fully When Not In Use

If you’re not using your air conditioning, such as during the winter months, make sure you turn off the main breaker. This will save you energy as the condenser won’t keep producing heat and it will make the space much less appealing to pests of any sort.

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