Top 3 Aircall Alternatives & Competitors

Top 3 Aircall Alternatives & Competitors

Seeing the high-demand of VoIP, today’s market is filled with many VoIP service providers that are helping businesses of all sorts to streamline and leverage business communication and reap maximum benefits. 

 One such leading VoIP service provider is Aircall. Packed with all the leading VoIP features such as call monitoring, interactive voice response (IVR), On-hold music, CRM integration, voicemail, and many more, Aircall has firmed its feet in the market. 

However, we always need an alternative as each business has a different requirement and its next-to-impossible for a single product to cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses. 

This is why we have come up with a comprehensive list of best-fit alternatives for Aircall. 

Each alternative has been evaluated at parameters like cost, features, efficacy, and usability. Read the list and find out your ideal match. 

But, before this, read the reasons that may force you to find the Aircall alternatives.

The Loopholes in Aircall 

There is no second opinion that Aircall is a trusted name in the world of business VoIP. However, there are fronts where it lacks credibility and gives birth to the need of finding its alternatives. 

These fronts are explained below:

  • Aircall’s system has been designed to get auto-updated. Though it’s a good thing, excess updating hinders the performance and keeps you away from using its services. 
  • Its installation is also quite time-consuming. 
  • It may get failed to assist you if you want it for a single user as Aircall is out of sale only if there are a minimum of 3 users. 
  • It’s not properly optimized for mobile apps. 

Now that you’re aware of the reasons that may force you to find the Aircall alternatives, it’s time to learn about those alternatives. 

#1 – CallHippo 

Despite being a new entrant in the world of cloud telephony, CallHippo has managed to make its own place and stunned the world with some of its impeccable offerings. It’s a cloud-based business VoIP solution that can be managed easily. 

MightyCallDue to its cost-effective price, CallHippo has become the first choice for start-ups and small businesses. However, don’t ever think that it’s not a good choice for the big fat enterprise. CallHippo is capable to cater to the needs of all business types. 

Once you will have a look at its pricing, you will understand why we are concluding this. When it comes to features, CallHippo hardly misses anything. It offers a whole suite of call management, customer experiences, and workflow management features at anyone could ever ask for. 

Where it beats Aircall? 

CallHippo is one of the latest market players and this is its biggest advantage. It as weaved its cloud telephony solutions based on the current market needs and customer behavior. Nothing about CallHippo is old-schooled and traditional. Here are the fronts where CallHippo beats Aircall and many other business VoIP service providers. 

  • CRM Integration – Search as much as you can, but you won’t be able to find out a business VoIP service that offers CRM integrations like CallHippo. CallHippo stands peerless at this front. 

You get in-built impeccable integration with CRM tools like Zoho CRM, Zendesk, PipeDrive, HubSpot, Slack, and many more others. With the help of such diverse CRM tool integrations operations can be simplified to a great extent. 

Though Aircall has updated its existing integration with Magento, Copper, and JobAdder, it is still behind from CallHippo. 

  • Impeccable mobile app – CallHippo offers a feature-rich and properly optimized mobile app. Using the app enables your team can gain impeccable mobility and work from anywhere. Aircall users will miss this facility badly as it’s not properly optimized for mobile devices. 
  • No minimum user limitation To avail the services of CallHippo, there are no minimum user limitations. A single user can also use its service. Aircall lacks at this front as well.

#2 – MightyCall 

MightyCall is the second alternative to Aircall that you can trust upon after CallHippo. It has been into business for quite long and has a huge customer base. With its impeccably designed feature suite, it is capable to cater to the needs of all kinds of business needs. 


Its mobile application enables a business to conduct operations without getting restricted because of location and device compatibility. It further reinforces the productivity and enables a business to reap more benefits. 

Its 30-day money-back guarantee is something that can’t be overlooked. You can ask for a free trial and check its viability from every angle which is indeed a great advantage. 

Where it beats Aircall? 

  • Team Collaboration – MightyCall beats Aircall at team collaboration as it is capable to create an unlimited number of extensions. Users of MightyCall can also set up sequential or simultaneous ringing,
  • Visual Voicemail – MightyCall offers a visual voicemail facility to its users. This visual voicemail allows you to review the recordings and proceed with the response using a single dashboard. This facility is missed in Aircall. 

#3 – Limecall 

Limecall is a reliable business VoIP phone service provider that can help you ease down the entire process of lead conversion. It offers you a very responsive and feature-rich callback software that can be easily integrated with your website and manage the leads effortlessly. 

It comes with a whole bunch of integrations that include HubSpot, Zapier, Google Tag Manager, WordPress, and Intercom. These integrations make the work more streamlined and hassle-free. 

 Where it beats Aircall? 

  • Callback widget – Using this widget, your agents can make a call without dialing the number. This widget can be easily integrated on your business website and manage leads easily.
  • Feedback management – Limecall allows you to ask for the customers’ feedback just after the call. This facility is absent in Aircall. 

In conclusion 

Though Aircall is a good option to pick when you need a business VoIP phone service, it lacks various fronts and fails to cater needs of diverse industries. Hence, knowing its best alternative is always a good idea and a wise move to avail the right kind of service.  

With loaded features and CRM integrations, CallHippo is indeed the best alternative to Aircall. Apart from it, MightyCall and Limecall can also be trusted and hired.