Some of the Top Rihanna Facts That Will Make you Curious About Her

Rihanna Facts

So here it goes, a list of the top Rihanna facts. The pop sensation is famous for her rich voice and catchy tunes, but also for her incredible controversies. Also, Rihanna has often spent days and months in the limelight for controversy. But how much do you actually know about the person? Let us discuss her colorful life in more detail in the following article. 

Not Her Real Life

Rihanna, the famous singer, has a real name, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Her siblings also have names that start with the letter ‘R’: Rorrey and Rajad. This naming tradition is similar to the Kardashians. Be that as it may, we still remember her by her more famous name. It is easier to remember. It is also catchy, just like her songs. 

There is a Rihanna Day

Don’t forget to play your favorite music by RiRi on February 21st! It’s a special day dedicated to her in her homeland, Barbados. On February 21st, 2008, Barbados created a national holiday to honor the beloved star. To show her appreciation, RiRi surprised her fans with a free concert on that day. Now that is what we call appreciation for her fans. 

Getting Drunk Before a Performance

Here’s an interesting fact about Rihanna! Despite her confident stage presence, the famous star often takes a shot to help calm her nerves before performing for her fans. We all need a drink every now and then. But yes, getting it before something as major as a performance requires some very big guts. 

Not Her Real Life

Not a Fan of her First Song

That’s correct! Rihanna felt that her first single sounded like a nursery rhyme. Well, when you compare it to her more controversial tracks like “Pour It Up” or “BBHMM,” it does have a different vibe. However, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a classic! Also, hardcore Rihanna fans listen to this song as part of their initiation to this cult. It is almost like a rite of passage. 

An Army Cadet in the Making

Now we understand how she became a Bad Gal! Before her music career, Rihanna was a member of the Army Cadets in Barbados, and her drill sergeant happened to be Shontelle, the singer of “Impossible”! This is another interesting fact about Rihanna that increases our admiration for her. Also, this sounds like one of those destiny gimmicks. Maybe being a pop icon was always in her destiny. 

Quite a Difficult Childhood

Rihanna’s father struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol, including crack cocaine and marijuana. He also used to abuse her mother. When Rihanna was only 14 years old, her parents’ troubled marriage came to an end. 

In 2012, during an interview with Oprah, the singer revealed that she had to reconcile with her father in order to find forgiveness for Chris Brown, who had abused her in 2009. Rihanna explained that she made this decision because she still cared about him.

Not a Fan of her First Song

A Street Stall Worker

Here’s a surprising fact about Rihanna that you may not know! Despite her eventual rise to stardom, RiRi actually had humble beginnings. She used to help her father sell clothes at a street stall. Little did she know that one day she would become one of the world’s best-selling artists. Also, humble beginnings make for eventual stardom, as we have seen in the case of many celebrities.

Beauty Pageant Winner

This should come as no surprise. Rihanna is one of the prettiest faces in the business. Also, she won a pageant in 2004 to illustrate this fact. It was the Miss Combermere pageant in her home country of Barbados. A girl who can both sing and look pretty. Now that is something we do not see often. 

She Won A Talent Show

No surprises here! When Rihanna was 15 years old, she won a talent show by singing Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” Her voice in the video clip is completely different! Let’s just say she has come a long way since then! Also, this speaks volumes for her future in the world of music. Mariah Carey herself is one of the greatest legends in the music industry. 

Beauty Pageant Winner

A Barbados Audition Made Her Famous

If music producer Evan Rogers hadn’t visited Barbados, Rihanna might not have become the big star she is today. In 2003, while Rogers was on vacation with his wife on the island, RiRi auditioned for him. Also, this made for a very memorable experience. 

He said, “The moment RiRi walked into the room, the other two girls didn’t matter anymore.” After that, she moved to Connecticut to start her music career. When she later auditioned for rapper Jay-Z at 16 years old, he immediately signed her to Def Jam Records, and she moved to New York.

Madonna is her Idol

Rihanna looks up to Madonna as her idol, along with Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, who inspire her in music. Madonna is a queen of pop, as we know. She rose to fame in the 1990s with one hit after the other. Even now, her performances attract quite the huge crowd. Great to know she and RiRi knew each other back in the day. 

Ne-Yo Trained Her

Ne-Yo, an R&B singer, trained Rihanna’s singing voice and provided guidance in the studio. He would teach her breathing techniques and use music terms like “staccato” to improve her performance. Now we know why her voice can rise and fall in such quick succession. Ne-Yo, after all, is a damn legend when it comes to music. 

Madonna is her Idol

She Helps Terminally Ill Children

In 2006, Rihanna started the Believe Foundation, a charity that assists children facing serious illnesses and challenging circumstances across the globe. She expressed her motivation to help after witnessing the suffering of children on television during her own childhood. Also, this led to her being lauded by one and all for her efforts. This is an incredible praise for her. Rihanna likes helping children a lot. 

Second Most Successful Artist

That’s correct! Rihanna, also known as Bad Gal RiRi, holds the title of the second best-selling female artist globally. With more than 250 million records sold worldwide, she has released an impressive collection of 75 singles and eight albums. Madonna currently holds the top spot in this category. Singer and her idol both sit at the very top. 

Her Legs are Insured

It’s no secret that Rihanna has incredibly attractive legs. In 2007, she won the “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award from Gillette’s Venus Breeze, solidifying her status as having the best legs in the industry. To protect her valuable assets, she decided to insure them for a staggering $1 million. However, this is just one of the many unique things she has done throughout her career.

She Helps Terminally Ill Children

Her Father is a Shady Fellow

Rihanna’s relationship with her father hasn’t been smooth. He broke her trust by selling information to the media about her altercation with Chris Brown. It was a painful experience for her. But since then, they have made amends and repaired their relationship. Getting sold out by your own father? Now that is some next level rough. Rihanna indeed has suffered a lot. 

No Makeup

Rihanna’s mother used to forbid her from wearing makeup when she was younger. It’s quite ironic that now she has her own makeup line called Fenty Beauty and a deal with MAC. She even became a spokesmodel for Cover Girls! Also, girls all around the world are lucky she did. 

Rihanna has Over 20 Tattoos

While Rihanna has one tattoo that is considered one of the worst celebrity tattoos, the rest of her ink is quite impressive. She has approximately 25 tattoos on her body, including music notes on her foot, a gun on her ribcage, stars down her back, and a falcon on her ankle.

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