Top Reasons Why Corporate Offices Use a Comb Binding Machine

Comb Binding Machine

You may have seen the comb binding machine in the corporate office and wondered why they need such a device. After all, there are professional services that offer binding and an array of binding equipment is available to suit any need you can think of.

But, in many cases this won’t beat the comb binding machine. 


A comb binding machine is very good at creating booklets and corporate usually needs a lot created. In essence it is simply creating holes in the right place and sliding the binder through those holes.

The comb binding machine is designed to do this and needs little, if any explanation. It is so simple that anyone can start using it without training.


While there are plenty of hi-tech options, the comb binding machine remains one of the fastest. This is because of its simplicity. You don’t need to waste time setting it up or doing a test run, you just get started and can be finished before a more expensive machine is even ready to use. 

The process is so simple that even the largest of projects can be punched and bound in a matter of moments. 

They Can Bind A Lot Of papers

The exact number of sheets that can be bound will depend on the machine you have purchased. However, regardless of the size of the machine you’ll find it easy to put any size project together and get a satisfying result. 

Smaller projects can be done in one hit, larger projects may require stacks of paper to be holed before being joined in the binder. The simple truth is that it has virtually no limit regarding how much it can do.

It’s Cost-Effective

There are other binding machines that cost considerably more and yet don’t do the job any faster or better. The fact that a comb binder is low priced means you are less inclined to worry about damaging it. In turn, this is likely to make you more efficient at using it and it will still only have cost you a fraction of the amount of some binding equipment. 

Choosing The Right machine

Of course, a good comb binding machine is a result of factory testing and high-quality products. That’s why it is essential that you recognize the name off your chosen binding machine. You can then be comfortable that it is high-quality and will get the job done properly, as intended. 

The right machine isn’t just easy to use or highly practical. It can also boost the productivity in your office. Once employees see what it is capable of, they will be happy to try their own projects out and you’ll find the company image improves as the presentations made get better and better. 

A comb binding machine may not seem like the most important piece of furniture in an office. But, you’ll be surprised at how effective it is and how quickly it becomes indispensable.