TikTok Influencer Marketing: How Working With the Top TikTok Influencers Can Boost Your Brand

TikTok Influencer

Influencer marketing has become big business over the last few years. Everyone from Walmart to Pepsi is getting in on the action.

Though your mind might immediately drift to Instagram when you think influencers, TikTok is an incredible opportunity to do influencer marketing for your business. Working with the top TikTok influencers can boost your brand and your sales, and we’ll tell you how.

TikTok for Business

Once thought of as a fad, TikTok is here to stay. As of January 2021, it’s estimated TikTok has one billion users. So if it isn’t already part of your social media marketing strategy, it should be.

This said, not every brand’s audience is on TikTok. TikTok user demographics skew very heavily towards Gen Z and millennial usage. Around 40% of the user base is 16 to 24.

What we mean by this is if you’re selling dentures, maybe TikTok isn’t so vital for your brand. But for the vast majority of B2C businesses, it may well be. 

It’s also the fastest growing social media platform. TikTok built this incredible following over a mere four years, so we can only imagine what they’ll manage over the next few years.

There are loads of ways to advertise on TikTok for businesses within their own advertising platform. Or, the alternative is to work with TikTok influencers and content creators.

Working With Top TikTok Influencers

Some of the top TikTok influencers have followings in the millions. Charlie D’Amelio leads the charge, with more than 100 million followers. But there’s plenty of sizable, affordable influencers to work with.

Many big brands are already working with TikTok influencers and seeing great results. It’s a more organic and authentic way to reach your potential audience than through intrusive ads within the platform.

As with all influencer marketing, there are some easy tips to follow if you’re going to collaborate with TikTok influencers.

First, biggest isn’t always best. By this we mean, reaching the most people doesn’t matter if those people aren’t interested in your brand. You want to find the right influencer to work with.

The right influencer is someone who is well-aligned with your brand. It might be that their content is similar or related to your brand or product. Or maybe they’ve worked with your competitors in the past and seen good results. 

Once you’ve found your chosen influencer, you need to trust them. Chances are they know TikTok better than you do. They’re the content creator after all. 

Let them have creativity and be authentic. They know their audiences best and they’ll know what content they’re more likely to engage with. Without this, the campaign may come across as forced and is less likely to see successful results. 

If done correctly, the benefits should be clear. You’ll get unmeasurable results like increased brand awareness and social proof. But if done well you should also see site traffic increases and higher conversions. 

This is especially true if you manage to correctly jump on one of the viral trend crazes on the platform. Some businesses, particularly in the music industry, have had incredibly successful campaigns by taking advantage of this trend. 

Get Trending

Working with the top TikTok influencers has clear benefits for many businesses, so it’s no surprise that so many are clamoring to do so. But remember to do your research and trust the creative process for the best results. If you haven’t used this strategy before, we recommend you learn more about influencer marketing and the fastest ways to find the right collaborators.

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