Beyoncé First Boyfriend: One And Only Boyfriend Before Jay-Z


Talking about Beyonce and Beyonce first boyfriend in fact, their identities as a couple have become so inseparable. Over the last two decades that no one can remember when one of them was with anyone else. Beyonce has never known adulthood without Jay-Z, whom she began dating at the age of 21. Who knows what her life would be like now if she had spent more time in the early 2000s?

It should be noted, however, that Jay-Z was not Beyoncé first boyfriend. Those are the words of Lyndall Locke, Queen B’s high school sweetheart. Lyndall’s name faded into obscurity as Beyonce rose to prominence. First as a member of Destiny’s Child and later as a solo artist. That is until he revealed his secret love affair with Beyonce first boyfriend

Beyonce first boyfriend was not “good enough” for her

good enough
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Lyndall told The Mail that he met the future “Single Ladies” star when she was just 12 years old. When they were younger, Kelly Rowland, was a friend of Beyonce’s and a member of the girl group Destiny’s Child. Moreover, she set them up at a church youth group. “We watched videos, went to the movies, and went out for chicken,” Lyndall recalled of their typical adolescent dates. He described them as “two kids in love for the first time,” and he had no idea Beyonce first boyfriend and career would take off the way they did. He also revealed that the ex-first couple kissed a year into their relationship at a Brian McKnight concert.

The two appeared to have a sweet and innocent relationship, but Lyndall has always suspected that the Knowles family is “fixated” on making Beyonce a star. Moreover, because of this, Beyonce appears to have had to lead two lives. One in which she spent all of her time practising, performing at local talent shows, and making a name for herself in the Houston music scene. Another in which she spent all of her time hanging out with Lyndall behind their backs. “It was quiet time when she was with me,” he said again.

When Beyonce accompanied Lyndall to his senior prom, she reportedly said. “Great to be normal.” “Go back to one’s childhood”.  He went on to say that even though he wasn’t a part of her “music” journey. Beyonce took the time to talk to him on the phone for hours. However, as Destiny’s Child grew in popularity and released their debut album, Lyndall began to feel increasingly isolated on the fame “train” and worried that he wasn’t good enough for Beyonce. Her star was rising, and he worried that she would one day overtake him.

Beyonce first boyfriend cheated on her five times

Beyonce first boyfriend cheated on her five times
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Lyndall admitted that the upheaval in their lives, particularly Beyoncé’s, made it difficult for him to remain faithful. Because his wife Beyonce was frequently away on Destiny’s Child tours, he went out drinking and sleeping with another woman. Unfortunately, it was the first of many blunders.

Lyndall felt terrible for inflicting pain on Beyonce, who was just trying to make it big in the entertainment industry, as she had always wished. He couldn’t help but become disillusioned with her rising star because he didn’t belong in her circle. He was invited backstage with her at a number of her concerts in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but he felt even more out of place with her extravagant lifestyle each time.

Cheating is never an option, even if one partner becomes a global phenomenon while the other is just starting out. The more time Beyonce spent with Jay-Z, the more Lyndall realised this was the case. Lyndall questioned Beyonce in 2003 about whether she truly loved the rapper. Beyonce allegedly stated that Jay was not her “type,” but she still advised a break between her and Lyndall. So, after ten years together, they called it quits.

A father of two children

A father of two children

Lyndall, a caterer and proud father of a toddler, is overjoyed to have found a committed partner in his child’s mother. Nonetheless, he regrets how things ended with Queen B and wish he could go back in time. Despite the fact that she has been with Jay Z for nearly two decades and he has made numerous mistakes, Lyndall told The Sun that he knows she loves him “no matter what.”

Despite her silence on her rumoured relationship with Lyndall, Beyoncé did reveal in an interview in 2008 that Jay was her only ex-boyfriend. At the age of 17, she felt “a little more mature” and “very loyal,” she said.

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