Order Money Online & Get It Delivered at Your Doorstep!

doorstep loan

Yes! You read that right. Money is now being delivered at your doorstep. All you need to do is order some from your smartphone or your computer!

E-commerce sites offer everything we need, right at our doorstep. But isn’t money the most important thing that we need? Why shouldn’t it be delivered to us too when we need it?

For those of you who do not own a bank account, you are still prone to having financial troubles. And you would not be able to borrow from friends or family every time. What would you do then? Get a doorstep loan obviously!

Thanks to the expansion of the online lending market in the UK, lenders have gone to the extent of offering loan services right at your home. Having a bank account is no longer a necessity for getting a loan.


  • A citizen of the UK
  • At least 18 years old
  • Availability of a steady source of income

How does it Work?

There are two different ways of how this works, depending upon which facilities you need at your home.

You can go on a direct lender’s website, and fill the application form for a doorstep loan. That would include entering some personal information, your loan amount, your financial status and other loan-related questions. The form usually takes just a few minutes for completion.

Once you submit the form, your application is processed on the same day, and a delivery executive is assigned to you on approval. The executive then delivers the loan amount to your home and also collects the repayment amount of the loan from your home.

The second option in doorstep loans is to perform all the formalities at your home. You just sign up for a doorstep loan, and an assigned executive visits your home with all the forms. If you get approval, your money is delivered.

What affects approval?

Doorstep loans are short-term unsecured loans of small amounts. The lender lends money based on your ability to pay back his money.

Your credit score can do wonders in getting you a loan approval within minutes. You become the top deserving applicant when you have an appealing credit score or history.

Being a salaried employee or having a stable income for some time, makes you reliable and sound to pay back the loan. Your bad credit score attached with a steady source of income also escalates loan approval.

Do I get cash?

In the absence of a bank account, it becomes a moot point to deliver the loan amount via cheque. Therefore, YES. You get your loan amount in the form of cash (which is why these are also called cash loans).

For the same reason, the repayment amounts are also collected in the form of cash. The executive is present at your door on previously scheduled days to collect your instalment amount.

Interested in Interest?

Doorstep loans have a fixed and high rate of interest. This is because the lender has no security over the loan and he is only earning through the risk he is taking.

Though your immediate need for money would be resolved with the loan amount, you would have to pay a decent amount in interest. But you get everything while sitting at your home.

You are free to divide the repayments of the loan into instalments. The repayment period is collectively decided by the vendor and you. On each day of a scheduled payment, you have to keep the cash ready for the executive to collect.

Conflict of Conveniences

While facing financial inconvenience, these home credit loans are the most convenient for you.

Life loves playing knock-knock jokes with us. And we are not always ready. You can tremble upon sudden expenses any time in your life: Medical bills, car repairs, textbooks, university application fee, or any other unexpected expenditure that you did not plan for.

Your inconvenient credit score can be conveniently improved through this loan. This would mean easier to borrowings in the future. If you are regular in your repayments, and diligently pay the loan back, your credit score would see a rise. Just beware that irregularities can cause downfall too.

Browse your options. See what options are available in doorstep loans. Choose what suits you. And click on the apply button.