Big Lips: Facts About Big Lips and Everything You Should Know

Big Lips

Many people tend to have big lips. There is nothing unusual about it to reckon with. It is part of our identities. The main reason why most people have big lips is due to genetic factors. Thus Inheritance is the key here.

However, for some people, big lips can be a matter of insecurity. For some celebrities, it is however a choice. Thus if we consider the big lips of Kylie Jenner, it is her choice. She cosmetically enhanced her features to get it. But on the other hand, for any random woman, it can become a burden.

If you wish to know about such a paradox, you are in the right place. We will here explore why the debate surrounding big lips matters. Therefore, read on to know more.

Why This Discrimination? 

It is common to note that big lips are an issue of mockery. Thus countless women have insecurities regarding this. Eventually, our society has turned such that big lips have become a matter of frustration for many.

People tend to judge big lips. This happens to girls and women of every age. Thus no one is spared at large. Even men with big lips are victims of stereotypes. This goes on even now. Therefore, many people cannot escape this cycle. It tends to go on and on.

Why This Discrimination? 
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Generational Suffering 

Having big lips is something generational to reckon with. Hence generation after generation tends to suffer because of it. Collective action is needed to discourage this view at large.

Already many generations have faced this discrimination. It is however up to us how we will address this problem in the future. Together conversations should be raised about it. Thus only then would we find an increased consciousness about such issues.

Societal Conditioning

The role of society is of immense importance here. You see, society tends to condition people from their childhood. Hence we all are raised based on certain assumptions. This is true for many things and the issue surrounding big lips is relevant here as well.

Society teaches people that this is not acceptable. Thus many people do not give warmth and affection to people having big lips. This thing goes on year after year. Therefore, we find that this gives rise to a vicious cycle to reckon with. Unless the change is brought from the very outset, it will be difficult to eradicate it.

Generational Suffering 

Systemic Racism

This issue surrounding the unacceptance and mockery of big lips is also connected with systemic racism. People have racist views in their mindset because of this. This is something they tend to associate with a completely “other” community.

This otherization is a kind of mindset at large. Therefore, it tends to impact many people simultaneously in this case.

The Part Played by Celebrities

Certain celebrities cosmetically enhance themselves to get big lips. In that case, they are often praised. Hence we see a double standard here at large. This rampant hypocrisy is what matters. It complicates how we tend to view others as human beings in the first place.

Celebrities must play their role in raising this conversation. The time is now right to dissociate conventional beauty and big lips.

The Part Played by Celebrities


1. Do all people have big lips?

No, only certain people have big lips.

2. Why do people have big lips?

It mainly depends on genetic reasons at large.

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