Naming Your Store

The Benefits Of a Good Store Name

Starting your own business requires a good deal of work, but it also brings with it many advantages. By owning your own store you are not only your own boss you also have control over your store’s location (if needed), products, marketing methods, hours, scope, and more. The ability to take control of your own career and work for yourself is why many people start their own business and open associated stores and places of business.

‘What’s in a name’ is a common colloquialism but for a store, the answer is quite a lot. A store’s name is an important part of your business, no matter if it’s e-commerce or brick and mortar, and one you need to give careful thought to. However, coming up with a good store name is hard and not everyone is the creative type. This is why Namify offers a Store Name Generator to make the whole process far less confusing. Namify will generate store name ideas based on the information you provide. These name ideas are both meaningful and catchy so consumers are able to easily identify your store. A good store name is key and here are some reasons why that is.

The Benefits Of a Good Store Name

When your store has a good name you gain several advantages in the marketplace.

  • Lack of Confusion: a good name tells the public what your store sells and what its niche is. Everyone has walked into a store or visited an online store and not really known what they sell. A good name prevents that from happening and tells potential customers that you can provide what they’re looking for.
  • Memorability: a good name is a memorable one. When a customer remembers the name of your store that increases the chances they will be a repeat customer. Plus they will tell others about your business further driving sales and visitors.
  • Stand Out: many stores when they open have bland and uninspired names. A bland name causes your store to fade into the background alongside several other stores that sell similar products and serve similar customers. A name that stands out helps you against the competition because your store becomes memorable and that increased attention leads to increased sales.
  • A Marketing Tool: your store’s name helps connect your business’s various social media accounts and online platforms. When your store’s name stands out visitors to your social media accounts make the connection between the store and your online postings. This creates a unified marketing strategy that can help increase consumer interest.
  • Trademarks: a good store name is one you can trademark for your business use. This is important because it gives you legal protection for your store’s name. If you’re thinking, should I monitor my trademark, the answer is yes. This allows you to protect your reputation and retain control over when and how your store’s name is used in the public sector. 

Final Thoughts

When opening a store you no doubt have a lot on your mind. There are many things you have to keep track of including hiring staff, acquiring stock, setting your working hours, designing up your website, and more. During all of this, you should not forget the value of your store’s name. The name of your store is the first thing most customers see, and you want that first impression to be both positive and memorable. Namify will help you to find a name that is representative of you and your store’s mission.

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