What is Mind Map and How to Make a Mind Map – Organize Your Life Well

What is Mind Map

Mind maps have been popular these days. You may use it in many situations. Whether you’re a student, business man, or an artist, a mind map creator may help you a lot. This article introduces a concept mapping tool and includes the guide on how to create a mind map. Keep reading and learn more.

What is a Mind Map

What is a mind map? What can I do with it? Generally speaking, the mind map is a useful tool to help you organize your life well. A mind map makes a concept in mind clearer by connecting the central topic and related ideas together. It visualizes your abstract ideas on the paper or screen (if you use a digital mind map tool).From the center topic, you can be inspiredto think of more ideas related to it. Most mind maps follow the three-level model, which includes main idea, related ideas and details.

With a mind map, your life can be more organized. A mind map tool helps to take lecture notes, make travel plan, manage business project, make presentation outline etc. Through the process of mind mapping, you’ll rationalize the logicof the idea you just came up with all of a sudden. In the meanwhile, you’ll be hit by more surprising ideas.

How can a mind map achieve that? The secret lies in the difference between the human brain and the way how a mind map works. The ideas in our mind are put in a vast pool, instead of organized in a strict hierarchical tree. However, the shape of a mind map is like a tree. There is a template called Tree diagram. It reveals implied connections among separate ideas easily. It cannot be denied that the mind map has become a good assistant of people’s work and study life.

How Do I Make a Mind Map

Mind Map can give us a hand in every aspect of our life. To manage your life well, you need to learn about mind map maker. Here I recommend you a free mind map tool- MindOnMap. It’s an online free mind map tool which helps you to organize mind well. No downloading or installation is required from it. You can just log in and start your journey to a more organized life. By logging in this tool, you can have a mind map library of your own. Store all kinds of your plans or instant thoughts here and locate them easily whenever you want.

Key features:

Different templates to meet all your needs

Colorful themes to add flavor to your work

Intuitive interface and easy operations

Insert image, link, and summary to mind map

Save history version in case of accidental deletion

Interesting icons in different styles

Now read and follow the guide to make a mind map for yourself:

Step 1. Visit the official website of MindOnMap. Click Create Your Mind Map and log in or create an account following the guide.

Step 2. Click New in the left panel and choose a desired template. In the top tool bar, click Node or Sub Node to add new topics. You can change or delete them as you want. In addition, you can add a relation line among two separate nodes (if they have any connections and are not related to a parent node).

Step 3. Share or export your mind map by clicking the corresponding buttons in the top-right corner. You can export your mind map as many formats, including JPG, Word, PDF, etc.

Mind Map

There are more features for you to explore. Visit MindOnMap and find it out yourself!

Tips About Creating a Mind Map

After learning about the basic operations to make a mind map, you may consider how to make it more appealing or more organized. To make a creative mind map, you need to know the following tips:

Make good use of color

The different colors are not used to make your mind map delightful to look at only. You can use it swiftly to show the different levels of your idea. The ones in the same level can be in the same color and different ones for others. It makes your mind map clearer and more organized. By doing so, you may have a clearer concept in your mind.

Insert an Image for main idea

The central node is the most important in the whole mind map. It’s the first thing you see on the canvas. Therefore, you should make it as straightforward as possible. Image is a good choice. It brings more information and easier to get than text.

Be Concise

The text in each node should be easy to read. If you have more to say for the related node, you can insert comment to that node. Hover the mouse and you can see the full text (It can be achieved by the recommended MindOnMap).