The Best Place to Buy M4A1S Decimator

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M4A1-S | Decimator is one of the most attractive skins for the rifle. This part of The Spectrum Collection has been popular since 2017, and it can be found in all field conditions. If you want to buy the item securely at a great price, discover the best places for CS:GO trading in our guide.

Why M4A1-S | Decimator Is a Great Choice

This skin looks stylish with its triangular grid and elegant combination of pink, blue, and black. Above the magazine, there is a geometric emblem. A big advantage of the M4A1S Decimator is that even at the highest Float Values, you will not see any scratches or abrasions. Older rifles only develop a layer of patina, which makes them look darker. So, where can you buy the item?

1.  Steam

Newbies may presume that using the official community is a no-brainer. However, it is far from perfect. The biggest advantage of trading on Steam is security, as Valve ensures that you get what you paid for. The prices, skins, and floats are reliable. There are millions of in-game items, and you can also purchase skins for other popular games, such as Dota 2. So, where is the catch?

Players who research the market in search of the best prices know that the rates on Steam are not the most competitive. Often, you can find the same items on platforms with a significant discount. As of the time of writing, some of the best prices for M4A1S are found on DMarket.

Secondly, if you would like to sell your skins, Steam will not let you withdraw any money. All profit from trades is locked inside its ecosystem. You can only use it to pay for other in-game items or games. If your goal is to make cash, you will be disappointed.

2.  Third-Party Sites

Third-party sites are not created equal. Unfortunately, shady exchanges exist, so players can lose their money or skins if they fail to check the background of the provider. They may be scammed, get items with the wrong float, pay more than they planned, etc. At the same time, reputable platforms are more attractive than the Valve community.

In comparison with Steam, you can find better prices, while the range and security of transactions are also very impressive. Third-party platforms are usually run by independent companies, but they are not entirely separated from Steam. Their role is to work as intermediaries between their users and the official marketplace. Fans can trade items with or without depositing them to the platform.

DMarket stands out due to its size, reputation, and security. Here, you can find over 1million skins for CS:GO, including the rifle in all conditions. All transactions are powered by distributed ledger technology, which makes them safe. The rates are also very attractive, as you can save 20% or more in comparison with Steam. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has processed over 10 million deals.

Another major advantage is the payment system. The market works with over 20 methods. This wide range of withdrawal options makes DMarket irresistible for sellers. Depending on the region, users may top up their balance via:

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  • credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard),
  • online wallets like Neteller and Skrill,
  • cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

Do Not Buy Skins on Reddit

The third source of skins for CS:GO fans is the subreddit devoted to the game. Here, you can communicate with other fans and buy or sell any items. If you want to exchange your CS:GO experience with other players, this is the place to go. However, buying skins from the members is not advisable. The community has strict rules and it is moderated, but security is still a concern.

Trading on Reddit comes without guarantees. Nobody can ensure that you will get what you paid for, or get anything at all. Unfortunately, scams are possible, so you should not buy your skins here. Every seasoned gamer knows better options than to trade on Reddit.

To Sum Up

M4A1S Decimator is a great asset for CS:GO, and you can find it on different exchanges. We have outlined the key pros and cons of popular platforms, so decide what is best for you. If it is not bargain hunting, and you do not intend to sell any of your CS:GO items, Steam could still meet your needs. Whenever selling comes into play, it becomes virtually useless. DMarket, a leading third-party site, provides reliable security, attractive rates, support, and flexible payments.