How to use Bronze Threaded Nails

Threaded Nails

Going to the home store for the DIY supplies for the first time can be intimidating if you are still a rookie in the world of nails, hammers, and plywood. One of the important elements to building is nails, and there is quite a variety of them, which can be classified according to type, use, or material. When it comes to type, there are two common ones: threaded and smooth nails. 

What is a threaded nail?

The difference between a normal smooth nail and a threaded nail is in the structure of the shank. The shank is the long body part of the nail. While smooth shank nails are easy to drive into the material, board, or wall, they do not offer a lot of holding power. This is in comparison to threaded nails, which have spiral shanks. When the threaded nail is driven into the wood, it forms its own thread in the wood similar to when you use a wood screw. These nails offer a great holding power and are therefore designed to be used with hardwoods and dense materials. 

Why choose bronze threaded nails?

Bronze is a ductile alloy that is less brittle than cast iron. Bronze only oxidizes superficially and even when the outer rust layer is formed, the inner metal is still safe and well-protected. The alloys may be made with other metals and components such as silicon, copper, and magnetic components depending on the purpose they are made for. 

The most popular use for bronze threaded nails is boat building. However, they can also be used for siding, flooring, decking, truss rafters, and pallets. They can be used in place of copper nails as they do not react to copper. The workaround bronze nails are fine high-end work because it is aesthetically pleasing.

Home projects that will do well with bronze threaded nails:

Outdoor projects:

Potting bench: create a nice little bench for your potted plants on the patio or wherever you deem suitable. Your gardening projects will definitely be more organized and enjoyable for you. 

Create a wooden bench: you can create a simple outdoor bench for seating in the garden in a couple of hours with just two boards and a couple of bronze threaded nails. You can even take it a step further by creating an arbor that will serve as a cozy chilling and relaxing space for you on the deck.

Outdoor couches: for those with large families, a gathering will demand a lot of space and so it is best to go for larger seating spaces and build a couch. The first step is picking out your cushion sizes and then determining the size of the seats from them. Go to your local home center and get all the materials you will need including bronze threaded nails.

Indoor projects: 

Coat rack with shelving: have your family involved or go on a solo adventure with a lovely coat rack on the doorway with some extra space in the form of shelves above it. People can store their mittens there when it’s winter. 

Shoe storage: you can also add a lovely shoe storage stool at the entryway that doubles as a seat and storage for muddy shoes from the outside

Bookcases: there are a wide variety of bookcases from hanging and floating ones to inbuilt and solo standing bookcases. The choice depends on your preference and current state. For example, renters are not allowed to drill holes sometimes and a solo standing bookshelf may be the best option 

Armed with a little more knowledge of bronze threading nails, it will be easier to make a nail choice that is best for your construction needs. It might seem daunting at first if you’re new but practice makes it better. You can also always seek more resources and make even better choices.

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