How Tall Is Rupaul? To Know The 12 Time Emmy Winner Rupaul Life Facts

How Tall Is Rupaul

If you wonder how tall is RuPaul? He is 6 feet 4 inches the tallest person on ‘Drag Race’. RuPaul Andre Charles is not only the host of the famous TV show but a songwriter and singer. There is no introduction needed for RuPaul as he is the most recognizes TV personality. His Drag race show at first had fewer fans but within a few years, it became the most-watched show. 

Further, it is similar to America’s next top model but more entertaining because of the host RuPaul. After creating this successful show he also received awards for it. The show has won six Emmy awards. Also, RuPaul has earned a huge fan following through this show. Now let us know details on how tall is RuPaul and his drag race franchise. 


The popularity of RuPaul from his drag race franchise 

RuPaul reaches the peak of his TV career after his performance in Drag Race. The release of the Pilot episode is in 2009. This art show has a loyal fan community that supports every season of it. There are spin-offs and other competitions that make this show interesting. 

Further, the concept of this show is quite simple. There are Drag contestants who compete with each other. Also, they use a drag name on this show that is either male or a female name. The back to back series of this show is a real entertainer for fans out there. There is a lip sync battle, celebrity performance and other challenges. 

After watching the show fans did wonder how tall is RuPaul? Earlier the host was a new face for the people. However, he is now popular for not only his 6 feet height but his successful career too. In the drag race show, people see RuPaul in every episode and at the end; he announces the drag queen of the show. 

Drag race 

RuPaul stands high in every season of Drag race 

Born on 1960 RuPaul is from Califronia. He first moved to Georgia to start his art journey at the age of 15. He is a self-made performer who is doing a great job in Television. The road to fame is not easy for the singer. Growing up he had to face several challenges. A severe accident in childhood made him sick and still haunts him. Still, he did not stop pursuing his passion which is the arts. 

Further, RuPaul’s career as a TV host is a huge hit. He is the host of the UK and US versions of the drag race show. Still, he is like the face of the show. People feel his presence on every version of Drag Race. The appearance of RuPaul in this show is exciting for the fans. As much as he is a big man he also has a big heart. The host stands high due to his six feet of height and is the tallest judge of the show. 

RuPaul Net Worth

In an interview, RuPaul himself commented on his height. He says that as he is tall he has never been able to put his arms around someone’s shoulder. Even without the need of heels, he stands high among others. He is not only the tallest drag race host but a man with a genuine heart. The audience loves watching RuPaul as he is warm to all the contestants. 

The similarities between RuPaul and visage’s height 

RuPaul and his co-performer visage have many similarities in their height and personality. People criticize the visage for standing in the shadows of RuPaul. However, the visage is only 5 feet 3 inches in height. For decades she is a partner of the host and frequently appears on the show. 

In Drag race it may seem like visage is the same height as RuPaul but she is smaller than him. There are no judges in the show that match the height of the host. However, there is one contestant in the Canada Drag Race version who is tall as RuPaul. Brook Lyn Hytes is 6 inches and 2 feet tall and is also the runner-up of the show. 

When the host and Hytes wear heels there are close to 7 feet. Not only does Hytes is taller but he also stands high with his ballet skills. However, RuPaul is the favourite host of the audience who loves watching his performance and the presence of this tall man. 


There are many American TV shows but there is only a handful of shows that entertain the audience. One such iconic show is Drag Race which is funny and interesting to watch.

RuPaul is the famous host of the show and has earned millions of fans through the show. to know How tall is RuPaul, details about his career and more information you can read the above article. 

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