Russell Simmons II – The Son Of The Popular Singer, Rapper and Actor

Russell Simmons II

Russell Simmons II is a well-known rapper and actor. Rapping is in his blood because he is the son of the rapper Joseph Simmons. Along with his family members he has appeared in the family show known as Rev Runs Sunday Suppers. This is the reason why he is popular and has quite a fan following. Plus he is a cool African American due. Want to know all the details of Russell Simmons II? You are at the right place because we have gathered all the information you need right here. Have a look below. 

What is Russell Simmons II’s age? 

Russell Simmons’s age is twenty-four years old. He is from Saddle River, Bergen County, New Jersey. His birth date is August 30, 1997. He is a young man now trying to get a big break in the rapper industry. He has lots of competitors in the field so it is a tough job. But still, with his talents and amazing confidence, he will succeed. 

Who are his family? 

Russell Simmons II’s father is Joseph Simmons. His mother’s name is Justine Simmons and he also has several siblings. He comes from a very large family. He has two brothers and one sister. The names of his brothers are Daniel ‘Diggy’ Simmons III and Josh ‘Jo’ Simmons Jr. Further the name of his mother is Victoria Anne Simmons. 

Simmons II also has stepbrothers and sisters. His parents divorced and after that, his father married a woman named Valerie Vaughn and they have three children. The names of his step-siblings are Vanessa, Angela, and Joseph ‘JoJo’ Ward. 

What is his career? 

Russel Simmons II is a rapper and he followed in the footsteps of his father to become one. Plus along with his rapping career, he is also a singer and actor. He began his career onscreen after his appearance in MTN’S Run’s House reality show. This show depicted the lifestyle of the Simmons family and spanned six seasons. 

Further, he appeared on Rev Runs Around the World. This show was also about his family. He also took part in the In the Flow with Affion Crockett series. For his part, he received BET Awards. 

Simmons II is also an up-and-coming rapper and has released several rap songs like Find Your Love, Someone Like You, and The Christmas song. He is signed on to the recording studio known as Jam Records which is supported by his uncle Russel Simons also a rapper. It seems he is named after him. 

Is he dating anyone? 

It seems Russel Simmons II is single because there are no talks or rumours about his girlfriends. He may be trying to keep his dating life private from the media. So there is no information on this head. But he is a smart guy so many girls are on the lookout for him. 

What is the net worth of Russel Simmons II? 

Russell Simmons II is a rich person and has a net worth of $5 million. He receives his salary mainly from his singing and acting career. Plus he also derives benefits from his family money. It is because both his father and uncle are rich people and big shots in the music industry. 

End thoughts 

Russell Simmons II is an amazing rapper. He is rapping hard to entertain his fans and showcase his talents. As he is from a musical family he gets a lot of support from his father and uncle to rap. They have paved a smooth pathway for him to succeed in his life. But the young rapper has to rely on his talents to impress the fans. 

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