How To Get A Job During Covid-19

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Get a Job During Covid-19, hunting during a pandemic is not an easy task. Lack of opening along with slow development and the lingering war was why the biggest economic depression happened in the 30s. Although the situation has improved in the past 90 years, what one cannot deny is how hard it is to land a job. 

Starting from checking in contacts to methods of sending cover letters, scouring all the sources of jobs search engines has made it considerably easier. Moreover, on the bright side, many believe that it is the IT department that will take the role of “the knight in shining armor”. 

According to a study, the unemployment rate for IT occupations is ranging around 4.4%. However, IT employment has declined at least 134,000 jobs recently. Nonetheless, since the pandemic, it is the IT sector that continues to rise. 

The employment rate in this sector rose above 203,000 positions. Yes, it is good news. But how to get inside such a compact sector? In fact, regardless of the sector, how to land a job amidst Covid-19 without fail?

We, Will, Share With You Some Foolproof Methods Of Landing A Job In Whichever Sector You Want. So Let’s Begin…. 

  • Get Comfortable With The Concept Of Remote Interview:

Many think that job interviews will be online for the foreseeable future even. Hence, you have to assure the fact you look professional and respectable. Moreover, you have to look engageable in the video call. You also need to strive to create a sense of connection with the interviewer. Although it is not as easy as one might think, we believe that it is achievable. Here are some tips you can employ to make it more engaging and connective. 

  1. Rearrange the lightning in the room so that you are visible to the person. 
  2. Assure that you have secured a pin-drop silence in your too. 
  3. Make direct eye contact. So look directly at the webcam.  
  4. Pick a clean background to make it look professional. 
  5. Dress professionally from head to toe in case you stand up. 
  6. To make yourself appear nice, you have to not and smile more. 
  7. Use your hands in conversation to establish a connection. 
  • You Need To Polish Your Resume To Get Rid Of Bots: 

Forget the resumes, you must get through the initial screening procedure. It is the bots, yes, you got it right. As many companies are using AI-powered tracking systems to shortlist candidates that are proficient. One has to understand clearly how this system works before appearing before it. Moreover, you have to understand what the employers want as well. So it is as important as polishing up your resume. For example, many systems use keywords to shortlist the resume of potential candidates. So what should one do?

  1. Use words from the job description.
  2. However, do not make the resume a total copy of the description 
  3. You have to render the word accordingly to get a hit on the system. 
  4. Do not use overcomplicated words. 
  5. You should not use synonyms as well. 
  6. You should customize your resume for that particular job. 
  7. Moreover, you can use two pages, if need be. But do not add pictures. 
  • Reading Too Much Into The Title Will Land You Into Trouble:

Job titles can be very difficult. Moreover, its cryptic nature can confuse many. Depending on the sector and organization, the title can be a bit confusing. There will be many titles that may sound similar but have different responsibilities. Similarly, there will be titles with the same responsibilities but with different titles. That is why we think that you need to look at the organization and designated skill to undertake the role. The first step towards landing the job will start with you passing the interview. So, you have to keep in mind that you match the description. Or maybe qualify their needs. As long as you can match such a thing, it will be alright.  

  • Look At The Jobs Where You Can Grow:

You have reached a point where you need to find a path where you can grow. A career path with longevity is very important. It will help you feel secure. Moreover, such expansion means you can get back on track even after you let go of one place. So here are some of the roles you should try to find. 

  1. The role of a manager for digital marketing 
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. The role of an analytic
  4. Data scientist
  5. Data engineers

All these roles are expanding with time. Moreover, you will get the much-desired growth as well. 

  • It’s Time To Reboot Your Linkedin Profile: 

No one can deny how incredible LinkedIn is. Moreover, at the rate LinkedIn is growing, you can use it to fulfill your needs. Many recruiters look at the LinkedIn profile to measure your credibility. Hence, you have to make sure that you jazz it up a bit. Don’t know how to do it? Follow the instructions. 

  1. Make a beautifully decorated summary. 
  2. You have to include recent as well as relevant achievements in your bio so that you can stand out. 
  3. Moreover, you need to add projects and metrics in the experience section. 
  4. If you have received a promotion, add it as well. 
  5. Add the job responsibilities as per your title. 
  6. You can add all the links to your personal project. Whether it is a portfolio or GitHub account, put it there. 
  7. Have a published article? Put it there to show your philanthropic side. 
  8. Lastly, add the recommendations. Whether it is from your boss or your colleague. The more the better. 

Ending note:

It is hard to Get a job that matches your skill amidst stress and this harsh reality. However, if you follow the instructions to the T, you might just get the job of your dream even across a computer screen.

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