Worst President Ever: The Best And Worst Presidents Of The United States

Best US presidents
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Many people tend to wonder who is the worst president ever. It is natural to think about it at certain times. We all are curious about our politicians and hence thinking about it is never a waste. Therefore, those of you who want to know some interesting aspects about American presidents, are in the right place.

Among all presidents, some are known to be great while some are known to be worst. There has to be a proper framework for understanding that. You should be curious about it as well. We understand that. Thus our focus to quench your curiosity in this matter shall be in this article.

In this article, we shall talk about the best and worst presidents of the United States. So go on to read this with due diligence if you wish to know more.

Best US presidents

1. George Washington

George Washington
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The USA might not even existed had it not been for him. He led the basic foundation of the nation to reckon with. Many significant infrastructure policies and economic aspects moved forward due to him.

2. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

He is mostly known for the emancipation of the slaves. Lincoln had great leadership qualities. Thus we can find him to show great resilience during one of the most crucial moments of American history, that is the civil war.

3. Franklin D Roosevelt

Franklin D Roosevelt
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Arguably known to be the best president of America, he led the nation in new directions. It is due to him that Americans owe social security. This is what sets him apart from other great presidents as currently his impact is very well observed.

4. Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt
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He took many progressive reforms in the long run. Hence his name is still remembered in American history.

5. Harry Truman

Harry Truman
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Truman is primarily known for devising strategies in the twentieth-century political landscape. His unique vision sets him apart from other presidents of the United States.

Worst presidents

1. James Buchanan

James Buchanan
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He is criticized because he could not hold up peace between the northern and southern states. A president is expected to do so in times of crisis. Hence is considered one of the worst presidents ever.

2. Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

What makes him a bad president is his lack of proper focus and ability to lead in times of crisis. these values are readily expected from any US president. But these were lacking in Carter. Hence he is considered among the worst presidents of the nation.

3. George W Bush

George W Bush

Few presidents are as criticized as him. He has many faults but the one for which he is mainly known is invading Iraq. This was one of the most pertinent failures in the history of the USA. Therefore, this led him to be a bad president. The nation had to face the ripple effects of this decision in the form of many hardships. Economic suffering is by far the most important hardship.

4. Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Known for peddling lies and bringing about a post-truth era, Trump surely goes among the list of worst presidents. His narrow vision and lack of a moral stance make him even more problematic. Thus he naturally belongs in this category to reckon with.


To sum up, it is difficult to present any single name of the worst president ever or the best president ever. We here explored some of the most important names in both these instances so that readers can get clarity in this matter.

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