Easiest Hacks To Transfer WhatsApp From Android To iPhone

Transfer WhatsApp From Android To iPhone

When you purchase a brand new phone, especially if it is an iPhone, you might wonder how you can transfer WhatsApp from Android to your new model of iPhone right? In fact, nowadays it has become a burning issue for many Gen Z people. Often WhatsApp messages are pretty difficult to transfer to iPhone since the interface of iOS and Android are entirely different. 

As per the Netizens, Apple has come up with a new app “Move to iOS” to solve this issue, however, they often fail to serve the purpose. For instance, they either transfer incomplete data or fails to do it all together. At the same time, they also support iOS 15.5 or newer versions which are often not available to the users. Therefore, in today’s article, we shall discuss one of the easiest ways to make the impossible possible. Well, it can be easily done through the new iToolab WatsGo WhatsApp Transfer. This makes the entire process hassle-free and your issue will be solved within minutes. Let’s now get to the details!

How Can You Transfer WhatsApp From Android To iPhone With iToolab WatsGo?

Worried about how to get your WhatsApp chats on your new iPhone? In recent times, iToolab WatsGo WhatsApp Transfer has been one of the fastest and most convenient ways. This would help you to get all your chats under one roof. So how do you get it done? Let’s look at the following steps:


Firstly, you need to visit the official website and download the iToolab WatsGo from there. Now, install it on your Windows computer to utilize it.

Step 2:

Next, you have to select the option of WhatsApp that you use from the left-side menu.

Step 3: 

Thirdly, you have to plan to transfer WhatsApp, so tap on the “Start” button. So now you have to connect your new iPhone and Android device to the computer through the USB cable. 

Step 4:

After you have completed the above step, click on the “Transfer” button.

Step 5:

Next, you have to click the “Continue” button and it will make a new entry in your existing WhatsApp data on your iPhone. However, if you wish to back up your previous data, you can also click on the Backup button before the new entry comes up. 

Step 6:

So now that you have backed up your previous data, you need to select the media files that you would like to transfer. Do not forget to leave behind the data that you no longer require. Well, this would also fasten up the entire process.

Step 7:

Do you want to enable 64-bit end-to-end encrypted backup on your Android phone? So you have to follow the screen instructions to enable this but for that, you need to note down the encryption key that would help you to complete the process.

Step 8:

WatsGo might be a new tool to transfer WhatsApp chats to iPhone, however, it smoothly generates backup data and decrypts them as well. So don’t worry this step would be easily completed.

Step 9: 

Now that WatsGo has decrypted backup data, enter the 64-bit encryption on the verification screen. In fact, you will find that it will start generating data that will at once be restored to your iPhone which is actually your target device.

Step 10:

Lastly, your brand-new iPhone will reboot and you will be able to access all your previous WhatsAll chats and messages on it. 

Some Interesting Features Of iToolab WatsGo

Even though iToolab WatsGo is the newest addition to the family of software, however, it has successfully impressed users with its user-friendly and free-of-cost approach. So here we have summed up some of the most interesting features that make it a go-to go software:

  • Users can directly transfer WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and GBWhatsApp data from Android to iOS.
  • In fact, you can also transfer different kinds of data, along with essential contacts, pictures, videos, and your conversations with friends. So now your previous data will no longer be inaccessible in your new iPhone. 
  • Moreover, users can also download and transfer WhatsApp backup from their Android to their iPhone and vice versa.
  • You will also be able to back up your WhatsApp data through your PC without making use of Google Drive, iCloud, or iTunes. 
  • Well, you no longer need to worry about restoring your backup, as iToolab WatsGo is compatible with all devices.
  • Unlike other apps and software, iToolab WatsGo is compatible with iOS 16 and Android 13 operating systems.

How Can You Transfer WhatsApp From Android To iPhone Through Google Drive?

If you are a more or less tech-savvy person, you will be aware that on Android phones WhatsApp transfers data to Google Drive by default. Well, this is mainly to create a backup of the previous data. However, when it comes to iPhone users, Google Drive cannot serve your purpose. So in that case, iToolab WatsGo has got you covered. Let’s look at the following steps to restore WhatsApp data from Google Drive:

  • Firstly, you need to download and install the iToolab WatsGo from their official website on your desktop.
  • Now that you have opened the website, click on “Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.” However, before that you have to sign in to your Google account that has the WhatsApp backup. So you will get to see that WatsGo will provide you with an entire list of all the backups in the Drive for you to download. 
  • Now log in to your WhatsApp account. This would let you access your previous data and click on the files that you need to transfer. 
  • Now click on the “Continue” button. So this will initiate the restoration of your WhatsApp data on your iPhone. Once you are done with the process, they will notify you with a message. This would mean that you have restored your data successfully.

Ending Note

Nowadays, there are various ways to restore data from your WhatsApp to Android, however, you won’t find much reliable and user-friendly software to restore your data to iPhones. Therefore, iToolab WatsGo is a boon for all those worried users who are unable to restore their previous WhatsApp data to their new iPhones from Android. 

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