Best Roku Features You Should Use Right Now

Best Roku Features You Should Use Right Now

Owing to the high feature-to-price ratio and compact design, Roku’s media players have earned a massive user base. Just activate your device through web address and start using it. Maybe you can listen privately with headphones plugged into the remote or rearrange your home screen, but chances are that you are making the most out of your Roku streaming device. That’s why we have come up with this post to make you aware of the best Roku features so that you can use it to the fullest. Let’s dive in.

There is no streaming service on the planet which provides you with every movie or TV show. However, you don’t have to look through every individual service to locate the one you are searching for. Here comes Roku help handy. Roku provides you with a search option to find out exactly what you are looking for. If you look for a show or movie, your Roku will list all the available streaming services, including ones you don’t have installed. It’ll even reveal to you the amount it expenses to watch. You can likewise look for genres or actors on the off chance that you aren’t sure which movie you need.

You can also use your voice to search for movies and TV shows. But before doing so, ensure that there is an audible sound level on your device. If not, you may come across Roku no sound error.

  • Get notified about new episodes with Your Feed

You most likely watch various shows on various streaming services, and it’s irritating to check every particular application for new episodes. The My Feed segment of Roku’s primary menu doesn’t look like much, yet it’s really one of Roku’s cooler features: You can tweak this feed to follow the majority of your most loved shows and see whenever another episode is available. To include a film or show, discover it utilising Roku’s search function and snap Follow on Roku. You may face the Roku error if you don’t follow the steps properly.

  • Hear that line again with Instant Replay

Ever miss a critical line of dialogue in a film and need to ask your neighbour, “Pause, what did he say?” Roku has a function namely Instant Replay that can resolve this old-as-time issue. Go to Captions Mode and select On Replay. This function will work perfectly if you have activated your Roku device through link web address without any issue.

Now, when viewing a show or movie, you can press the Instant Replay button on the remote: It’ll replay the most recent 10 seconds alongside captions for that partition so you can understand the actor’s muttering. Sadly, the transitory captions don’t deal with a couple of channels, including Netflix. In any case, it will replay the most recent 10 seconds for you.

  • Add hidden channels

Roku has a larger number of channels than you can shake a stick at, including lesser-known ones like Movies Anywhere, Pluto TV, and The Roku Channel. What you may not understand, however, is that Roku’s channel store doesn’t list each and every channel accessible to you.

Roku also takes into account hidden private channels, which are not appeared in the store even after linking it to your Roku account using link. These could be channels in beta, or they could be casual channels that give you a chance to access games, podcasts or different streams.

For instance, Nowhere TV offers a huge amount of web recordings and free recordings from around the web, the Redbox Beta channel gets you the most recent highlights previously they’re discharged to the principle Redbox channel and TwitchTV takes Twitch back to Roku. The most ideal approach to discover Roku USA or hidden private channels is to browse an informal database like Roku Guide. In the event that you see a channel you need, select it, and at that point, click Add Channel.