Barcelona Wins: Ousmane Dembele Gives The Winning Goal To The Team In Atlético Madrid Vs Barcelona

Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona

The Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona was a stunning game to reckon with. Fans got a taste of thrilling game strategies in this latest game. Barcelona wins in this one due to Ousmane Dembele. Hence there must be some important facets to understand about this game. We shall explore those here. If you are a fan of either team, then go on to peruse.

Analysis of “Atlético Madrid Vs Barcelona”

The performance of Barcelona in this latest Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona was not something extraordinary. Football matches have seen way more interesting trials and tribulations in the field. But what makes this game important for the Barcelona team is that this result will matter immensely in the long run. Thus this win was very important for them.

They passed a tough test in this case. The team then went on to build a three-point advantage at large. Interestingly now we can find the team at the top of the La Liga table. This impressive feat was achieved simply by diligently beating Atletico Madrid 1-0. The game took place in the Spanish capital.

The goal of Ousmane Dembele

The goal of Ousmane Dembele came in the 21st minute of the match. The game was otherwise drab to reckon with. Futile discussions were going on without anything constructive at large. But this goal led to much of a respite in this regard.

How did Atletico Madrid fail?

The performance of a team depends on many causal factors. Each of these is connected to a wider goal to reckon with. In the case of Atletico Madrid, we find poor performance in this game. Hence their loss was not surprising.

The Atletico Madrid team was acting wasteful throughout the game. Most importantly they were making poor choices. Such choices were not small but a large number them. Hence the poor conclusion was rather imminent in this case.

Let us discuss one such choice. For example, attacking the third on multiple occasions was not feasible at large. They did so as they squandered the few opportunities that were right in front of the net. Thus this led to some compromising aspects in the long run.

In second-half injury time, the hosts finally got going. Interestingly it was good but it was too late to reckon with. It is because Ronald Araujo made a huge block off the line at the end. He did so to keep Antoine Griezmann out. The Frenchman’s particularly disappointing evening came to an appropriate end with this moment.

Thus overall the 90-minute game was much ugly to reckon with. There were not many insights found here. 

Post-game analysis

The defense of Barcelona is strong but the front is weak

It is true that Barcelona won the game. But they did not show much extraordinary performance to reckon with. True, their defense is strong. But the display of power in the front is rather weak. It is primarily because they do not have Lewandowski. He is suspended for two more games. Ronald Araujo and Andreas Christensen deserve praise for their brilliant performance.

Antoine Griezmann performance

The overall performance of Antoine Griezmann is by far the most disappointing aspect of this game. His performance is steadily deteriorating.


Thus we find that in this game, the teams did not flare much. If it hadn’t been for Ousmane Dembele and his goal, the game would not have even mattered a lot.

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