Do I Need to Get Professional Liability Insurance?

professional liability insurance

Are you worried that you might need professional liability insurance? Well, it’s probably a question that you need to give some serious consideration to. Why?

Well, professional liability insurance could end up saving you millions of dollars. It could save you from going bankrupt. It could allow you to keep supporting your family in the event of an unlucky situation arising.

But why is this the case? Well, in this article, we are going to walk you through the reasons why certain people in certain positions really need professional liability insurance. 

So, have no fear. We will answer your questions!

What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance is a type of insurance cover that is designed to protect people from financial liabilities arising from their profession. Basically, this type of insurance covers people who provide services in which things sometimes go wrong.

When we say ‘go wrong’, we mean things go badly for the client. It might be that the client suffers some financial loss, or even that they are caused physical harm. 

It’s not that the people with professional liability insurance intentionally cause these things to happen. It’s just that, sometimes, things don’t go the way they are supposed to.

If a client does experience some negative fallout from your services, they have the ability to take you to court and make you pay for their loss or damage. This can be very expensive, sometimes even millions.

For this reason, the professional liability insurance cost is often a bargain compared to the possibility of bankruptcy. 

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

Basically, anyone can get professional liability insurance. But there are some people who really need it.

Here are the main industries in which you may need this type of cover. Get a quote from a provider to see what the policy costs are in your field.


Doctors face difficulties because, in doing their jobs, they can sometimes cause harm and even death to their patients. Usually, this is not their fault.

But, sometimes, patients are hurt because of poor practice and negligence. Professional liability insurance for consultants in the medical profession will usually be comprehensive because it needs to cover the ultimate harm: the death of a patient.


Professional liability insurance for counselors in the legal profession is also critical in many instances. This is because poor legal advice can sometimes lead to someone having to pay a lot of money, or even be jailed. 

Financial Advisers

People who give financial advice face difficulties because their advice can sometimes lead to their clients losing a lot of money. If these clients get upset about this, they can take you to court. 

Get Covered Before It’s Too Late

Now you’ve got an understanding of who needs professional liability insurance. But the last thing to drive home is that this is not an insurance policy you can afford to waste time thinking about.

Find the best professional liability insurance policy for your needs and sleep better at night knowing your finances are secure!

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