4 great uses of milk crates that you have never thought before!

milk crates

When you go to a store you have seen plastic milk crates and never gave a second thought to it…until now! For your home decor, they can be one of the hottest items because of their versatility and strength.

You can also you a milk crate to store a variety of stuff and can use it in many other creative ways. There are many milk crates that are available online and you can just buy from there.

Still thinking what are the ways in which you can use a milk crate! Let us see some of the ways in which you can show your creativity and use a milk crate.

  1. Using a milk crate on a bike

How can you pair a bike and a milk crate! Seems to be an odd combination right.

But you can pair a milk crate and a bike. Storage can be a huge problem for you if you are cycling if you don’t have panniers at the back of your cycle. But to most cyclist, it can be expensive and it is a problem for them if you want to carry stuff.

What can you do in this case? Simple! Use a milk crate as it is a stable and secure form of storage to keep your stuff. The plastic crates will rest on the back of the bike, behind the saddle, but definitely above the wheel.

If you are using a milk crate in your bike to carry your stuff, it will be cheap, effective, and cheerful. Moreover, it is easy and anybody can make it.

  1. How can you use a milk crate for storage

We all know that milk crates were designed for storing dairy products so it makes perfect sense if you are using it to store other things also!

These crates have the natural and perfect shape for storing various items. They are not too large or small. The biggest advantage that you can get by using a milk crate if- you have the option of creating not only a small amount of storage but also a larger area.

You can do this as you can easily stack the milk crates together and can tie it with a cable for adding extra strength to it. In your house, you can use this idea to store various items.

This honeycomb effect is perfect for stacking books, small plants, and many other things.

  1. Make a milk crate dresser

You may not first think about using a milk crate for your dresser but after it is done it will look extremely good. Your old-fashioned dresser will automatically funky and new and it looks good if your home has a retro decor.

The size of the frame will decide how you are creating your milk crate dresser. Runners are not necessary for these type of dressers so you don’t have to worry about fittings. You can just simply trash your crates into the frame of the dresser. Most of the dressers can easily accommodate two rows of crates.

4.Using the milk crates for kids

It is not possible for you to use milk crates all over your house. But it is particularly useful if you have a family with children.

Your house might be big but if you have children you will always run short of an organized space! You can easily use the milk crates to keep the toys and other playing items that they have.

These crates are practical, strong, and robust so you don’t have to worry as your children cannot easily break it or do any other damage to it.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and have a passion for crafts then you can easily use the milk crates to make different types of decor. You can definitely use these tips given over here and implement more if you want to.

These milk crates are re-usable and are eco-friendly also so it will save a lot of money too as you can use it in your daily household chores and not spent money on buying expensive decor.