The 3 Steps You Need To Take After A Construction Site Injury

The 3 Steps You Need To Take After A Construction Site Injury

Every construction company out there does its best to prevent injuries from happening. Accidents do still happen otherwise there would be no need for a construction accident attorney in NYC. This means that there will be injuries at some point or another.

Sometimes the accident is actually caused by a negligent construction site manager. Other times it is caused by the employees themselves if they didn’t take enough care to prevent the injury. If you have had an injury at the construction site then there are a few things that you need to do after. In this article, we will go over the steps to take following an injury. 

1 – Get medical attention

If you get injured on the worksite, don’t try to walk it off or wait a while to see how you feel. It is important to get help right away since you may not understand how bad your injuries are. Adrenaline tends to mask the pain so you aren’t aware of how badly you injured yourself. It isn’t until later that the full extent of the injuries appears. 

It’s important to seek medical attention right away. If you don’t then the injuries could be more difficult to treat later on when they get worse. You may also be making it more difficult to get compensated since it will be harder to prove in court that your injuries were caused by that accident and not at a later time away from the worksite. 

When you wait and injuries prove to be worsened, then you will be facing some high medical bills further down the road. 

2 – Let your employer know

Every state has its own regulations as to how long you have to report a workplace injury. It shouldn’t matter how much time you have legally to report. As soon as you are physically able, you should file the paperwork with your employer and report the injury.

There is a lot of paperwork to be done and your employer should be able to get it started in a timely manner. This is for your benefit as well since it can take time to get the worker’s compensation claim started. The sooner things happen then the sooner you can get compensated for your injuries. 

3 – Find witnesses

When you talk to a lawyer they will want to know if there were any witnesses to the accident. Testimony from eyewitnesses will bolster your case before a judge and could close things much faster too. 

Try to get them to write a testimonial about what they saw and what they know. If they knew that there had been problems with a particular piece of equipment that caused your injury, for example, then this is a piece of evidence that is crucial to have in writing. 

The insurance company may want to call them to get their testimony recorded for a deposition so make sure to get all of their contact information.