Try The Soft Nitro Pepsi! It’s Good News For People Who Don’t Like Heavily Carbonated Drinks

Nitro Pepsi

Are you not a fan of heavy carbonated Pepsi? Then the popular cola company has invented a new softer drink for you known as Nitro Pepsi. It is considered the “first-ever nitrogen-infused cola.” You can enjoy the same cola experience, but it is lighter than the original with smaller bubbles. The Nitro Pepsi is also smooth, frothy and creamy. It has the consistency of a nitro beer which is softer than a soft drink. You will end up with a foam mustache after having the drink. 

For many people, heavy carbonation is a barrier to drink colas. It stops them from enjoying the sodas. But now they can enjoy the Nitro Pepsi, a much softer drink. Know some of the interesting things about Nitro Pepsi. 

Soft Nitro Pepsi

When did Nitro Pepsi launch? 

The innovative and delicious Nitro Pepsi launched in the USA on March 28, 2022. It is available in online stores and also with famous retailers. 

The Nitro Pepsi cans have a special widget technology at the bottom to make them more bubbly and frothy. It is a great innovation by the company to offer the best experience for the customers. 

Why try Nitro Pepsi? 

Some people don’t prefer the taste of regular sodas. The acidic nature and the heavy carbonation in these drinks can be too much for them to handle. That is why nitrogen-infused drinks like Nitro Pepsi are more suitable for them. 

Todd Kaplan, the VP of Marketing, Pepsi said that some people find the heavy carbonation of regular soda a barrier to enjoying the ice-cold cola. Hence Pepsi wanted to invent a drink that they could enjoy. This way, they can have ice-cold cola and a new experience with tiny bubbles. 

What’s the consistency of Nitro Pepsi? 

The Nitro Pepsi has a softer consistency than regular cola. It has a smooth and creamy texture without an acidic taste. So you can expect a lot of frothiness and foaminess in every sip. It will look like a beer, but it is not a beer; it is Nitro Pepsi. 

The cola has a bit of sweetness because of the added flavor. Yet it also has a mild soda flavor. It has 62 grams of sugar. So it is easy for people who prefer a softer soda drink. Plus, it contains calories and caffeine content. 

What are the different flavors? 

The Nitro Pepsi is available in rich, alluring flavors like Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola. Many people shared that it tasted like sipping vanilla ice cream. The subtle yet energizing flavor of these drinks will transport you to heaven. 

How best to pour, serve and have the drink? 

You can also master the finesse of pouring and serving Nitro Pepsi. First, take the iced Nitro Pepsi from the fridge. Take a large glass. Fully invert the glass over the can of Nitro Pepsi to pour it. You can see the frothy and foamy drink cascading down the glass. It will make you feel thirsty. 

Drink the Pepsi

You don’t need any straws. Drink the Pepsi from the glass and enjoy. You will be heady yet energized after drinking the creamy-flavored drink.  

Is Nitro Pepsi alcoholic in nature? 

The Nitro Pepsi does not have any alcohol. Pepsi advertises the drink as a nitrogen-infused drink. They make it using nitrogen technology. The company believes that the drink will redefine cola for the future. 

What’s the cost of Nitro Pepsi? 

The Nitro Pepsi single-serve cans are available for $2.29. On the other hand, four-can sizes cost $6.49. In Walmart, the twelve-pack can is offered at $24. But you have to preorder it. 

End thoughts 

Nitro Pepsi is an excellent beverage as it a softer drink with smaller bubbles. You can buy the can and sip the creamy drink any time of the day. 

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