Things To Know About Sergio Stallone, The Son Of Sylvester Stallone

Sergio Stallone

For over four decades Sylvester Stallone has continued to impress us with his exhilarating performances on screen. However, off-screen, he is the father of Sergio Stallone and a family fan who adores his son. Sergio or Seargeoh’s life wasn’t easy at all. From his early years, he suffered a lot, and all the time he had his father on his side.

We know how amazing an actor Sylvester is on screen. However, it’s true that we know very little about his father Sylvester Stallone off-screen. Of course, it’s true that he didn’t have a smooth journey in his marital life. But, as a father, he tried his best to protect his son Sergio Stallone from everything.

So, in this article, we shall talk about Seargoh Stallone. If you want to know about Sergio Stallone’s life then you are at the right place. Here, you will get some fascinating facts about his life.

Who Is Sergio? Know About The Son Of Sylvester Stallone

Very few people may know about Sergio Stallone because his father doesn’t really talk about him much to the media. However, it’s worth noting that Sergio is the second child of the actor. In fact, he’s the son of Sasha Czack, the first wife of Stallone.

According to the sources, he was born in the year 1979 in the USA. Sergio grew up alongside his older brother Sage Stallone. Moreover, it’s worth noting that his elder brother Sage Stallone became an actor in his life. Unfortunately, he left this mortal world at the age of just 36 in the year 2012.

His Childhood Condition

As we said earlier, Sergio Stallone’s life wasn’t that smooth. It’s not only because of the familial problem but also because of a condition from which he suffered in the early days of his life. According to the sources, he had autism in his childhood.

So, Sergio’s parents noticed that their son was lacking the communication and socializing skill that they expect from a child of his age. In fact, we also need to mention the condition of the family at that time. His parents went separate ways when he was just only five years old in the year 1985.

His father, Sylvester Stallone tied knots once again the same year. However, it’s true that as a dad he did everything he could to help Sergio. For instance, Sergio was going through the first stages of therapy that year. So, the actor of Rambo and Rocky Balboa spent lots of time with their son. Sly or whom we also know as Sylvester Stallone tied the knot with Brigitte Nielson on 15th Dec 1985.

Sergio Went To A Special School

After the divorce, Sergio’s mother took full charge of looking after him. So, after a series of therapies, he finally went to a school for kids with learning disabilities in Pasadena. However, his father insisted Sergio stay at home than be kept in a special school boarding.

His Career

We don’t know what he does at the moment but Sergio Stallone had a brief time with acting for some time. His father Sly spurred him toward an acting career. So, he made a debut in the 1979 sports drama Rocky II where he acted as an infant child. Yes, he played the role of Robert Balboa Jr in that film. However, it was the one and only time that he was featured in a Hollywood film.

Where Is He Now?

According to the sources, he is currently living with his family in their huge La Quita mansion in California. However, a few sources claim that he is living with his mother Sasha.

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