Six Easy Ways to Generate Leads with SEO

SEO Tips

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most reliable ways of generating leads for your website. Although social media sites like Face-book and Twitter can bring you a lot of traffic, lead generation with SEO can be far more consistent, as people are constantly searching for things on Google, as well as Yahoo and Bing. Paid posts get you quick results, but SEO is a long-term strategy that will slowly and steadily build your position in the online market. Also, when you are just starting out and you do not have the budget for paid promotions, SEO can help you a great deal to get your initial followers as well as clients.

So, here is our compilation of some SEO techniques which will generate more leads for your website!

  1. Audit and know what’s good and bad with your website 

An audit is extremely necessary to understand if the SEO techniques employed by you are working or not and how much more you can actually work on improving them. It evaluates the content and you get an idea of what you are doing right and where there is scope for more improvement. For instance, it brings to your notice important points such as if your pages have meta descriptions or not, and if specific keywords are being targeted by every page of the website or not. Such a thorough SEO analysis helps you to plan your future strategies and also lets you know where you are standing currently.

  1. Get the basics right 

For more lead generation, you first need to get all the SEO basics right. Using keywords is absolutely essential for search engine optimization. But, go for keywords with comparatively lower searches (not too low of course), so as to avoid unnecessary competition. Also, keep an eye on your competitors and try and steal backlinks from them. If you know which sites are linking to them, then you have also in a way opened yourself to more prospects. Thirdly, work on making your website responsive so as to attract the most attention from your visitors. It should be good, not only in design but also usability.

  1. Local SEO strategies work the best for local businesses 

If it’s a local business, you can use a number of local SEO strategies to make your presence felt online. First of all, you will have to promote yourself using online directories. Online directories rank high in search engines and when many people search about local businesses, it invariably brings them to online directories. So you do not really want to miss that aspect of online promotion. Also, name the location of your business whenever you can in your content.

It doesn’t have to be a specific address. You can just put the name of the city or town along with the name of the business. Online reviews are highly trusted by consumers. So make sure that you provide good service and ask people to review your business online. With positive reviews coming your way, you will definitely get more leads.

  1. Apply the Long-Tail Keyword strategy 

It takes quite some time for most businesses to see any significant growth in traffic through most SEO techniques. One way to get faster results is to use long-tail keywords instead of the short ones. Long-tail keywords have two or more words together or even phrases. There is less competition in case of the long-tail keywords and they can make your website rank high as well. You might not even need 6 months to see a considerable increase in your traffic. There are websites which rank pretty high using this long-tail keyword strategy, without even being very frequent with their posts.

  1. Old content can be renewed with new leads 

There is a lot that can be done with old content. Most people tend to focus on new content, but the old content that is already bringing traffic can be revamped to generate more leads. You can think of new CTAs (Calls-To-Action) to put at the top and the bottom of the page. You can then consider which of these are working more. Also, if the post is very old, you can change the publication date and promote it as new content. This is a very effective strategy to generate leads, as the old post was already bringing you a considerable amount of traffic.

  1. Social Media is important too 

Even if what you want to do is generate leads through SEO, you cannot really ignore social media. You have to remember that both are interlinked. Social media can play a big role in increasing awareness regarding your website. Social media can get you more backlinks and also increase the reach of your content. While ranking websites, Google and other search engines consider social media presence as important. As time goes on, social media will further create more opportunities for you as far as search engine optimization is concerned.


Generating leads with SEO is a long-term process. With the above-mentioned techniques, you can speed up this process to a great extent and with more content and better optimization, you will soon see more and more leads being generated and your revenue increasing simultaneously as well.