Must-Follow Product Photography Tips

Must-Follow Product Photography Tips - Online Shopping

When it comes to online shopping, what consumers see is the most significant deciding characteristic influencing their choice. 

Often, the buying decision is made solely on the reason that photos show them everything clearly. 

Yes. Despite the fact that you may have the line of best-in-world products, without proper imaging — no consumer will bother. 

So, besides having the best product, you should also have great photos to promote the products. And unlike opting for a turnkey Shopify store from Startstorez, you couldn’t consider money as the option here. You will really have to get involved in things and review whether the photographs put the products forward or not. 

Scroll down to learn some tips and processes to capture the perfect photographs. 

Set up your background.

A good background helps with multiple things. 

For instance, you will have the ideal setting to highlight the product. And you do not have to fret with unnecessary editing that might put your product fake. 

The mostly white or light background creates the perfect setting to highlight the products. But depending on the colors, you can consider other settings to put the product forward. 

You could consider shooting a table — affordable — or create your own if you wish. There are thousands of online guides to building your own shooting table available. Follow one and make your own if need be. 

Or if you prefer — and can afford — it is best to opt for a light tent. Lighting — a wireframe box with translucent walls — distributes light around the object and focuses on the product. 

Set up your product.

Your business revolves around the product. In turn, the images put the product into the market. 

So, it is critical to set the product in the right angle, position — allowing it to get proper lightning and agree to the backdrop. 

You may attain the perfect positions for large products quickly. However, it is essential to take time with small products like earrings. You can consider gluing and follow similar tactics to achieve a proper position. 

Adequate Lightning 

Natural light or artificial light? You have to ensure that the product is receiving adequate lighting. 

In case you are opting for sunlight, you will have to wait for perfect moments when the sunlight is able to deliver the best glow. 

Of course, artificial light is perfect for most products. So, ensure to incorporate softboxes in all directions — or at least from two corners — to deliver adequate lightning. 

But you will also have to remember that more lightning can damage the imagery. 

Ensure not to go above, or below. 

A tripod is a necessity

Smaller products and accessories need to showcase every detail of the product. 

And the tripod is your best friend if you want to achieve just that. 

Always remember to set the camera to low aperture and slow shutter speed. 

Of course, if you are a photographer — you know that slow shutter speed means it is tough to gain stability.

And that’s where the tripod comes, avoiding blurry images. 

Use the right camera

A usual tip right? 

Well, yes. Still, most product owners do not consider investing in the right product. 

Small businesses simply cannot afford to purchase a DSLR. 

But retain that lack of a good camera might be the reason that your product is not selling in the market. 

So, before everything, consider purchasing the right camera to take photos of your products. 

And in case it is not a long venture, and you do not want to invest money in a camera, it is best to rent a camera. 

But do not make the mistake of shooting via bad lenses. 

Always take numerous photos after setting up the product 

One photo is going to do the job. 

So, take multiple shots and compare them to each other. 

Of course, one that looks the most elegant is the one to go forward with. 

Also, do not make the mistake of judging the entire thing on your own. Remember to follow other advice while deciding on the best image of all. 

Edit the pictures 

Know photo editing? 

Edit them yourself. Or consider an expert. 

Because there are multiple things that you have to attend to even after taking the perfect picture. 

For instance, color correction, removal of unwanted objects, and adjustments in lighting all need attention. 

And do not avoid this to save time. 


Hopefully, you have learned some tips on how to take the perfect product photographs. 

Remember to follow the tips and processes mentioned in this guide. 

As an eCommerce business owner, you should never underestimate the power of imagery. 

In a world where everything is about highlighting and showoff, you will have to showcase your product better than the rest. 

And for that — investing time and money in the product photographs is never a bad idea.