What Do We Know About The Minecraft Star Dream Face Reveal? Everything About Dream And His Face Reveal Story

Dream Face Reveal

Those who are avid Minecraft followers may know about Dream who is a streamer of that game. So, there was news about Dream face reveal and that certainly has gotten people talking about it. Well, is it authentic or is there something fishy about the whole affair? 

So, it’s true that Dream is one of the most famous Minecraft players on the internet. His amazing gameplay of Minecraft game has become a talking point as well as a hit among his fans. In fact, almost everybody appreciates his gaming skills as well as his advice on the game. Especially, the newcomers to the game like to watch his videos a lot. 

One of the USPs of his channel is the fact that he likes to remain anonymous. In other words, we haven’t seen the face of dream yet. So, this recent Dream face reveal has certainly become a huge thing among the Minecraft community

In 2021’s February, the Minecraft player Dream during an interview with another fellow Minecraft streamer Kavos shared the face reveal story. So, he said that the matter regarding the Dream face reveal was completely fake. In other words, the news that circulated around 10th June 2021, was not authentic. 

So, if you want to know more about the story and about Dream, then you are on the right deck. Here we will share everything there’s to know about the Minecraft Streamer Dream and also about his face reveal story. So, now’s the time to go through this article and get everything to know about him. 

Dreams’ Insistence That The Face Reveal Wasn’t Real

So, on 11th June, Minecraft streamer and player Dream came to Twitter to share that the viral image of his face reveal was not him. A lot of gamers thought that it was his face. However, he has completely debunked all the rumors. 

When the Dream face reveal incident took place, many fans body-shamed the guy they thought to be dream. However, he said that it’s a bad and disgusting thing for the fans to judge the YouTubers based on their appearance. 

Even though it wasn’t his picture, he absolutely dated the negative comments about the fake picture. In other words, he didn’t like the fact that people talked dirty about the man they thought to be Dream. He said that Twitter can become a ridiculous place sometimes and therefore he asked people to spread love and positivity. 

There Was Another Fake Face Reveal On Twitter

Well, after sharing his thoughts on Twitter, Dream planned to turn the entire situation into a joke. So, that’s why he said that he was going to reveal his face. However, instead of doing the major Dream face reveal, he shared a random image of a random man. 

Fans Want To See The Real Face Reveal From Dream, The Minecraft Player

On Twitter, there’s no dearth of toxicity. So, after having a tough conversation with the toxic followers in the social media, Dream also had a conversation with his fans about his face reveal. Well, it’s true that dream has a lot of love for his fans and that’s why he said that he would definitely consider doing a face reveal in the future.

In fact, she said that he was planning to do it this year. However, he also added that he is waiting for the corona’s end. In other words, he wants the pandemic to die down. Thereafter, he also talked about his best friend and gamer GeorgeNotFound. 

His best friend has plans of doing a face reveal later this year. So, Dream is also planning to do a face reveal when his friend does. In fact, he will also hold a special event for that as well. So, he asked his fans and followers to look forward to that moment.

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