Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Has the Best Welding Cable For Sale

Best Welding Cable

It’s time to stop looking all over the internet for your wire and cable supplier and go to Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) for the best Welding Cable for sale on the internet.

Before we start, we would like to tell all the newbies who have just entered this industry to avail the several online courses to learn how can they protect themselves while they are on their job as it can be quite dangerous at times when you don’t have proper resources for protection. In this way, you can also learn about the best welding resources for beginners as well.

Old Days and Old Ways

It used to be that shops needing Welding Cable went to their local distributor and bought it off the shelf. Back then, no one realized they were paying a pretty big markup, sometimes 40% to 50%, to buy it off the local distributor’s shelf. They were also paying for a name brand’s advertising and marketing campaign. That was then; now smart buyers know they can get better deals off the internet. The question is which company makes and sells the best Welding Cable?

Cut To the Chase

Manufacturing and selling Welding Cable is a different animal in the 21st Century. Many companies offer Welding Cable they purchase offshore from China or India and then re-package so it looks like it came and was made in the USA. EWCS knows its customers expect the best and won’t settle for some re-labelled, offshore garbage. That is why EWCS manufactures their Welding Cable For Sale in the USA; because “Made in the USA” means something to the people who use wire and cable products.

Made Right to Work Right

Welding Cable is an important component to the overall welding process and what separates the high-quality Welding Cable from the average Welding Cable is the components used and the way those components are put together. EWCS uses only the highest quality and purest Copper for the conduit strands in their Welding Cable. EWCS Welding Cable comes in the following sizes:

  •  2 Gauge 600 Volt
  •  4 Gauge 600 Volt
  •  6 Gauge 600 Volt
  •  1/0 AWG 600 Volt
  •  2/0 AWG 600 Volt
  •  3/0 AWG 600 Volt
  •  4/0 AWG 600 Volt

Welding Cable can be ordered with or without factory-applied Lenco or Tweco end terminals in any combination.

Easy to Install and Use Because It Is Very Flexible

Some cable installations are simple and don’t require any flexibility in the welding cable itself. However, some shop operations require a highly-flexible welding cable to meet their floor operation requirements and for this reason, EWCS Welding Cable is very flexible. That means the Copper conductor will not crack or break in an environment that requires flexibility. When Welding Cable is pulled, pushed, twisted, and contorted all day long, it’s nice to know it will perform properly no matter what happens to it.

A Quarter Century of Experience

Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists have been manufacturing and selling wire and cable products since 1994 which means they must be doing it right to be in the market for that long. EWCS has learned that the key to their success is the focus they place on customer service. With seven service and sales centres across America, the company knows its customers want the products they order shipped as quickly as possible.

Cable and Wire and Much More

When customers go online to www.ewcswire.com they will find not just the best Welding Cable for sale, but all the accessory products they need to put the entire order together and get it on its way. Terminals and Heat Shrink sheathing along with a slew of other products makes EWCS’ website a real one-stop-shopping experience. If customers have a question or need other assistance, they can go to sales@ewcswire.com or they can call 800-262-1598 to speak with a wire and cable professional who is happy to answer any questions they may have.

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