Get Delicious And Healthy Dishes In The Eight Healthy Restaurants Near Me

Healthy Restaurants Near Me

The healthy restaurants near me are quickly becoming popular in the restaurant sector. It is because many people are looking for healthy options when dining out. For instance, food made from locally sourced seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits are the top culinary trend. Some other healthy food options these restaurants offer are healthful kids’ meals and gluten-free dishes. 

But in this fast food-loving world, it can be difficult for you to find healthy restaurants near me. Therefore, here is a list of healthy restaurants you can consider when dining out next time. 

The Organic Coup – California

If you love fast food but are disgusted by the use of chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients, try the wonderful dishes at The Organic Coup. A former Costco executive started it to provide healthy dishes for their customers. It is the first healthy restaurant near me with “organic fast-food” options. 

The Organic Coup - California

Some options include fried chicken sandwiches, tenders, wraps and more. Everything is made with healthy coconut oil, enhancing the taste of the dishes. Also, try their delicious organic popcorn with caramel and chocolate drizzles. Do you know they even offer organic sodas? Try it all. 

The Veggie Grill – Washington

The Veggie Grill - Washington

If you don’t like veggies but are trying to eat them, try the lip-smacking vegetable dishes from The Veggie Grill. You can order their classic dishes like fries and hamburgers made with cauliflower. Some special dishes are buffalo chicken wraps, mac n’ cheese, and ‘crab’ cakes. Their seasonal menu options will make you fall in love with vegetables. You can experience eating nature’s bounty. 

Buffalo Wild Wings – Minnesota

Buffalo Wild Wings - Minnesota

If you are craving spicy buffalo rings, try the healthy dish offered at Buffalos Wild Rings. You can choose the traditional wings option in the right snack size. The salt and sodium content in this dish is very low. So you don’t need to feel guilty. Eat their carrots and celery sticks too. Another popular dish is the fiesta pork tacos, so try it too. 

Panera Bread – Nationwide

Panera Bread - Nationwide

You can find widespread menus at Panera Bread. So you can choose from a lot of healthy dishes. Their special soups, salads, and sandwich baron are all less than 600 calories. So it will become easy for you to take care of your health. Some of the go-to dishes from Panera Bread are Fuji apple chicken salad, chicken broth bowl, and tomato mozzarella flatbread. Their dishes are unique and have received good reviews from food critics. 

Jason’s Deli – Nationwide 

Jason's Deli - Nationwide 

Visit Jason’s Deli to try wholesome dishes packed with good nutrients. It offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. You can try their amazing quinoa shrimp and mango salad, consciously developed to create a healthy food option. The restaurant also offers a sit-down option to order, relax, enjoy and eat. 

Pret a Manger – New York 

Pret a Manger – New York 

It is a healthy restaurant based in the UK and, because of its popularity, has opened many locations in the USA. They offer delicious, nutritious food on their menus. Some of their delectable dishes for breakfast are five-grain oatmeal, hard-boiled egg, avocado and quinoa pot. Similarly, amazing dishes are offered for lunch and dinner. They sell tiny, incredible pieces of desserts too. 

Dig Inn

Dig Inn

This restaurant offers a selection of locally sourced and amazingly priced meals. You can also make your plate by picking the dishes you want. Choose the base, the sides, the protein and more. Some healthy dishes include pan-sautéed cauliflower, steak, chicken dishes, roasted sweet potatoes, rhubarb salad and more. Get a great plate of such healthy foods and enjoy. 

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza

There is a popular belief that pizza is unhealthy. But Blaze Pizza offers you a range of healthy pizzas made with amazing ingredients. It is the place for health-conscious individuals like you. They cook the pizzas using their super hot oven with fresh veggies and meat which is a delicious breakfast pizza recipe. Therefore try their pizzas and have a great time. 

End thoughts 

These are some of the healthy restaurants near me that you can visit. Instead of eating boring foods, why not try these restaurants’ healthy and tasty food options? 

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