Qualifications that could increase your employment prospects and ensure career longevity

employment opportunities

With today’s ever-changing work landscape and the increasing use of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) in the workplace, it can often seem harder than ever to find a job that offers real career stability and longevity. 

Industry experts suggest the world is currently undergoing a fourth industrial revolution (oftentimes referred to as Industry 4.0) – a time when technology is increasingly coming to shape working practices and the available jobs.

With growing uncertainty in terms of the type of work that will and won’t exist in the future, it’s becoming significantly more important for employees to have as wide a skill base as possible to ensure ongoing employment opportunities. 

Boost your chances of employment with wide-ranging qualifications

While most employment experts would agree there’s no substitute for experience and hands-on training, there are still several different sectors that offer greater chances for sideways movements or promotion to those with the required skills. 

Even if you don’t particularly envisage a specific role in the industries listed below, remember a qualification in these subjects will often offer backdoors into completely different work.

Business management qualifications: While you might not have any aims of scaling the heights of commercial management, a qualification in business management will equip you with many highly desirable skills that can be applied to a multitude of other roles. A business management course will see you improving your communication and leadership abilities while also giving you a sound grounding in supply chain management and IT. This applied knowledge could open doors into multiple other positions – anything from working as an operating or financial manager to even some roles in marketing. Best of all, you can do many of these courses at home over the internet. For example, you could earn your MBA in Business Management Online at Carroll University and embark on this life-changing journey today.

Qualifications in healthcare: Mention ‘healthcare’ to most people and they’ll like immediately picture the more traditional and well-known roles of doctors and nurses. However, in truth, the healthcare industry is vast and encompasses a wide range of different jobs. Taking a course in any line of health-related study could see you opening the door to an entirely new career pathway. It’s also worth remembering, healthcare isn’t just hospitals and waiting rooms – rather, there is a plethora of behind-the-scenes jobs that keep these organizations ticking over – anything from accountants and procurement managers to cleaners and administrators.

Qualifications related to education and teaching: Much like with healthcare, schools, colleges and universities don’t just run themselves and there are considerable possible employment opportunities by first getting your foot in the door with an education-related qualification. 

Retailing: The most obvious role in retailing is that of the front-of-house salesperson but, in most cases, there is a huge machine behind our larger retailers keeping things ticking over. Roles include accountancy, procurement, supply/distribution, marketing and general management, etc. By having relevant qualifications in retail and sales you could open many avenues into different roles.