How Tall Is Ice Spice? Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Nudes and More

How Tall Is Ice Spice

American rapper and songwriter Isis Naija Gaston, better known by her stage name Ice Spice, is well-known throughout the world for a number of hit singles and EPs, including “Like,” “Bikini Bottom,” “Gangsta Boo,” “Princess Diana,” “Karma,” and “Karma.” She also received recognition for winning the BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards’ Impact Award and the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist.She’s quickly gaining notice for her distinctive style as well as catchy lyrics and electrifying performances. This article examines the life and career of Ice Spice, looking at her height, age, real name.

How Tall Is Ice Spice Really?

Ice Spice height is 5 feet and 3 inches tall (160 cm). Some sources go as far to say that she might be a bit taller, 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), but her exact height is listed at 5 feet 3 inches. Ice Spice age is 23 years old.  Her tiny stature also gives her a unique presence in the rap world.

Born on the first day of the new millennium, she infuses her music with fresh and youthful energy. Brewing Some Serious Mischief, Even at Her Young Age Ice Spice has already made waves in the industry and gained a devoted fan base. She’s also won universal praise for her talent and creativity from music cognoscenti everywhere.

Gracing her long limbs is an athletic body of nearly 58 kg or 128 pounds that shines beautifully with the brightness borne by a personality. Some top fashion magazines have even been chasing Isis for cover shots.

Ice Spice
Ice Spice

Ice Spice’s Height in Centimeters

Turning to the metric world, this stands at 160 cm. At that influential sit-down, Ice Spice shed light on several facets of her life and presented herself as yet another downhome artist.

Ice Spice: Birth Name and Early Life

Ice Spice real name is Isis Naija Gaston, born in The Bronx New York is human Ice Spice. She was brought up in a multi-cultural and lively environment, immersed in all the richness of her African American and Dominican heritage.

Her name Isis carries great power. As an artist, she is a strong and resilient person.
Ice Spice has always loved music, right from childhood. Through artists such as Lil ‘Kim and Nicki Minaj, she started to write poems and freestyle-rap. Further fueling her infatuation with hip-hop were the sounds of Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Wu-Tang Clan that she got to experience through her father’s ears. Her own dad is a former underground rapper himself.

Ice Spice’s Music Career

In 2021, while studying at college, Ice Spice met producer RiotUSA and her music career exploded. Collaborating together, they came up with her first single Bully Freestyle demonstrates this statement process. The song became noticed after a viral video of Ice Spice doing the Buss It Challenge.

After the success of “Bully Freestyle,” Ice Spice put out another single entitled, “Name of Love.” Her presence in the music scene has been further reinforced. She gained international fame in August 2022 with the release of “Munch (Feelin ‘U),” which rocketed across social media particularly on TikTok and Twitter, enabling her to land a coveted spot-on Billboard.

With her talent and hard work, Ice Spice has recently inked a deal with 10K Projects and Capitol Records. continued to produce new music, including the hit single “Bikini Bottom,” which revealed her talent as a well-rounded artist.

Ice Spice’ s Education and Net Worth

Isis Naija (aka Ice Spice) got into the swing of things at New York’s Sacred Heart High School and went on to study communication at the State University of New York in Purchase.
In fact, Spice dropped out of school around her sophomore year. She says that she never really fit in at the University throughout college life anyway. A few months later, she was already recording music with record producer RiotUSA.

This gifted rapper and performer has already blazed a trail on the Billboard charts with hits like Bikini Bottom as well as Munch (Feelin’ U). Ice Spice’s estimated net worth as of 2023 stands at a massive $2 million.

Ice Spice: Rise to Fame and Recognition

Ice Spice’s talent, passion realized in raw authenticity has won her a fan base and praise. With songs like Munch (Feelin ‘U) and Name of Love her music lifts the souls of listeners. Ice Spice’s remarkable energy and awe-inspiring performances have also allowed her to make waves as one of rap industry.

Besides her musical success, Ice Spice has also become a social media phenomenon. On her TikTok, @icespicee (over 7 million followers), she presents musical content and interacts with fans. Her online existence only adds to her influence and impact on the international stage.

Ice Spice’s personal life and relationships

Fans have often been curious about Ice Spice’s private life. Although she keeps her personal life rather low-key, rumors and speculations about who’s dating whom have occasionally circulated. At one time, there were rumors that she was dating Canadian rapper Drake after he scoped her out and complimented her music. But these rumors later proved to be unfounded.

Another big name in the music business is rumored to be dating Ice Spice-Lil Nas X. Ice Spice also has an impact, but at the end of the day neither she nor Lil Nas X have admitted to being a couple. Their social media interactions and collaborations spawned rumors among fans nevertheless. With talent, authenticity and a unique style, Ice Spice is becoming big in the rap scene.

She is only 23 and has already been quite successful, earning public attention with a devoted fan base of tens of millions. There are also currently tens of millions streams on music platforms alone for her songs to date. As she continues to write, perform and network her future looks bright. It seems certain that Addie Harris will continue making a contribution to music for many years to come.

Exciting Facts About Ice Spice

The most promising international artist on the line of mega popularity: Ice Spice Is crowned as “Rap’ s New Princess” by Billboard and The time hailed her as the year’s breakout star and fans could not disagree. Now her social media 7 million followers are more than just music fans, they keep up with fashion and lifestyle as well.

She cites Nicki Minaj, Erykah Badu, Sheff G and Pop Smoke along with Foxy Brown as her musical inspirations and influences.

A few days ago, Ice Spice came out as queer with encouraging words from fans.


There are many reasons to find Ice Spice appealing as an artist: her height, age and real name for one. Through her mesmerizing performances, contagious enthusiasm and authentic lyrics, Ice Spice is set to bring a long-term stamp on the music world. Ice Spice is a gifted rapper and singer as well. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches and only 23 years old, she offers fresh new eyes to the world of rap. Thanks to her infectious energy, accessible lyrics and riveting performances Ice Spice has quickly garnered attention. And a fan base to boot. Her future in the business seemed promising, as she continued to create music and communicate with her fan base. Ice Spice’s talent, authenticity and inescapable presence solidify her as an artist to look out for.


  1. Who are ice spices siblings?
    1. Rapper “Ice Spice” has a brother called Joey Gaston, who is the STAR QB for Iona Prep and one of New York’s best high school quarterbacks.
  2. How much is Ice Spice worth 2023?
    2. At the time of publication, estimates put her net worth at around $ 2 million. The details of how her earnings accrued are somewhat hazy. However, the rapper responded on social media that from one song alone of off her new album–“Munch (Feelin ‘U)”-she made at least $ 2 million.
  3. 3. What color is Ice Spice’s hair?
    3. Her afro ginger hair is a popular sight, but she likes to dye it in every shade of red or blonde and pink.
  4. What color are Ice Spice eyes?
    4. Ice has beautiful dark-brown eyes which shine like the first light of a sun.
  5. Does Ice Spice have tattoos?
    5. In 2023, Ice has a large butterfly tattoo on her arm.

6. Did Ice Spice win a Grammy?
6. Ice Spice has not won a Grammy yet but will be nominated soon.