Happy New Year 2023 ?? We Celebrate It Every Year With Pomp And Splendor

Happy New Year 2023

All over the world people celebrate New Year every year to welcome the new year in their lives. Happy New Year 2023 is also going to be a great one because it will bring new dreams, new hopes, new relationships and more. It is an important holiday that falls on January 1st of every year and people enjoy arranging and attending lots of parties to celebrate the occasion. How are you celebrating Happy New Year 2023? Do you know about the origin of the holiday and why we celebrate it every year? Find out all the details about it below. 

What Is The Origin Of Happy New Year 2023? 

The origin of the New Year can trace back to ancient civilization’s. The ancient people marked the passing of each year with a calendar. So when a new year began they celebrated it with their near and dear ones. Later this celebration spread to other nations as well which led to the New Year we celebrate today. The ancient civilization’s knew their time by viewing the moon, stars and planets. 

Happy New Year 2023

For instance, Egyptians were one of the oldest civilization’s and a world power of the ancient world. They followed a calendar based on the Nile River and the phases of the moon. But the first known record of the New Year celebrations is in 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. It falls on the time of the vernal equinox which is at the end of March. 

Plus the Babylonians the nation which gave birth to lots of festivals today also is the place where the New Year celebrations began. The name of their New Year’s festival was Akitu which is a Sumerian word for Barley. The people of the nation performed lots of rituals for eleven days straight. It was a time of great celebration and revelry. It was also an important time when the major sky deity Marduk put an end to the evil sea Goddess Tiamat. During the fall the Egyptians, Persians and Phoenicians celebrated their New Year. However, the Greeks had their New Year celebrations around the winter solstice. 

Exciting New Year Traditions Around The World 

Are you welcoming Happy New Year 2023? You may have a tradition of your own during this time to commemorate the day. You can also know about the different New Year traditions. 

  • Midnight kiss 

Many people all around the world have the tradition of kissing their partner or their dear ones exactly when the clock strikes twelve and the New Year begins. They do this to start their year with their loved ones. This habit came from the festival of Saturnalia which is a pagan festival in Rome. The Romans celebrated this festival by indulging in wild revelries, dancing, singing, sharing gifts and socializing. They also kissed their partners or friends at the midnight. The practice of midnight kissing is also part of German and English folklore. They had a belief that kissing at the midnight brings good luck. 

  • New year’s resolution 

New year’s resolution 

Are you trying to follow a fitness regime or want to read books? These are some of the New Year’s resolution ideas that many people have. When did the practice of taking New Year’s resolutions begin? It is a tradition of the medieval times. The Babylonians had the habit of making promises to their Gods in return for a good and profitable year. They did this to get favour from their Gods. Plus Romans also made sacrifices to their Gods to get something in return. They also did some good deeds like returning the borrowed items, setting debts and more. 

Further Christians considered the beginning of the year as a time to ask forgiveness for their past sins and start afresh. They focused on becoming better. These are some of the old traditions that led to the custom of taking New Year’s resolutions. 

  • Special food and beverage 

For many people, New Year’s is a great celebration so they end their past year with special foods and drinks and welcome the New Year with gratitude. They also prepare foods and beverages that have special meanings. For instance, some people have twelve grapes at midnight as good luck food. It is one of the popular traditions in Spain. The twelve grapes are a symbol of twelve months and one has to eat all the grapes from the countdown till midnight to have a wonderful year ahead. 

Special food and beverage 
Friends gathering having Italian food together

Another New Year’s tasty treat is the cake. The round shapes of the cake are a symbol of the circle of life. Some even hide some coins or trinkets inside the cakes for their guests to find. These are some of the special New Year’s customs. 

  • Opening doors and windows 

On the cold day of New Year’s Eve, many people keep their doors and windows open. In Greece, this was an important custom that means growth and rebirth. After that, the parents will ask their children to put onions on their heads to attract good luck. 

  • Wearing white clothing 

In Brazil wearing white clothing on New Year’s Eve is a sign of good luck. They also go to beaches to have a nice time. 

Who Started January 1st As A New Year Celebration? 

Julius Caesar started January 1st as the start of a new year. But partly Roman King Numa Pompilius is also the one who instituted the first day of the year. During his reign from c. 715–673 BCE, he made some changes to the Roman republican calendar. So the month of January replaced March as the first month of the year. This was suitable because the first month of January was named after the Goddess Janus. He is the Roman God of all beginnings and the month of March is after Mars the God of War. 

Funny Happy New Year Wishes

Further in 46 BCE Julius Caesar also made some changes to the calendar. He is the one who made January 1st the official start of the year. After the Roman Empire colonized many kingdoms their calendar also spread and it is what we use today. 

New Year’s 2023 ideas

There are many amazing things you can do with your family and friends on New Year. You can also reflect on many deep thoughts to make this year special and productive. Have a look at the exciting ideas. 

  • You can host a game night with friends and enjoy the day. 
  • Plan a barbeque to cook some delicious meat. ‘
  • Have hot chocolate, read a book and spend time on your own. 
  • Arrange a treasure hunt for kids. 
  • Plan a theme party for your friends to dress up and have fun. 
  • Go to the cinema with your family or friends. 
  • Have a karaoke night. 


Enjoy the Happy New year’s 2023 by having a great time with your family and friends. Forget past failures and begin the year with fresh ideas and thoughts. Get rid of all the negativities that made you feel miserable. Plan some useful things to do in the New Year by taking up a new hobby, connecting with an old friend, changing jobs or more. 

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