Who Is Debra McCurdy? Things About Jennette McCurdy’s Mother

Debra Mccurdy
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Just recently, Jennette Mccurdy released a new book titled I’m Glad My Mom Died. Well, that’s the reason why lots of fans of Jennette want to know about her mother Debra Mccurdy. So, according to the sources, Debra, born in the year 1957, on 20th September, is quite famous for being the mother of the actress & filmmaker Jennette Mccurdy. 

She left this mortal world at the age of 56. Well, after the publication of Jennette’s new book, people are going crazy over it. In fact, the actress has mentioned how her mother tortured her in her early years. So, if you want to know more about Debra, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall provide you with all the facts that you need to know about Jennette’s mother Debra. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and find out all the things about Debra’s life. 

Debra Mccurdy: Early Life

Real Name Debra Mccurdy
Nickname N/A
Net Worth $30 Million USD (As of 2023)
Date of Birth 17 July 1957
Age 56 Years (Died On 20th September 1957) 
Birthplace Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Residence None
Nationality American
Profession Celebrity Family Member, Manager
Martial Status Married
Boyfriend/ Affairs Mark Mccurdy
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Cancer

Well, there are not a lot of details available about Jennette’s mother on the internet. However, we do know for a fact that she was born in the year 1957, on 17th July. Unfortunately, she left this mortal world at the age of just 56, on 20th September 2013. As we know, she was suffering from breast cancer.

She was a native of the USA and belonged to the caucasian ethnicity. As we mentioned just now, Debra Mccurdy age was 56 at the time of her death. She followed the Christian religion and went to a local private school in her childhood. 

Family Details Of Debra

Early Life
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Well, Debra, mother of Jennette Mccurdy never disclosed any details about her parents or family members when she was alive. As per the reports, Debra’s father had a small business in the USA. On the other hand, her mother was a homemaker. In addition, as we already mentioned earlier in this article, she along with her family followed the Christian religion. Moreover, there are no specific details available about her having any siblings. She belonged to a Caucasian family as well. 

Personal Life: Husband & Kids

Well, there are a lot of Jennette’s fans who want to know about her mother Debra. As per the reports, Debra tied the knot to her husband Mark Mccurdy. Well, it’s not clear when exactly they got married, but we do know that they dated for a while before marrying. Moreover, the sources also mention that Debra’s husband is a businessman. Together they have four kids, whose names are Dustin, Marcus, Scott, and Jennette. 

Husband & Kids

The Relationship Between Debra & Her Daughter Jennette

Jennette in her latest book ‘I’m Glad My Mother Died’ has reminisced some bitter memories of her childhood. According to her, “it was important for me to explore the emotional and psychological abuse I endured during my time as a young performer.” Moreover, she also added that her mother tortured her frequently. She also became obsessed with the fact that her daughter was a star. 

Debra’s Career Details

If you want to know about Debra Mccurdy’s career details, then you are at the right place. As per the sources, she hasn’t mentioned anything about her career with the media. However, it’s worth noting that she did a private job and also worked as her daughter’s manager. 

Debra Mccurdy Cause Of Death

So, if you want to know how Debra Mccurdy died, then you are at the right place. As per the reports, the US filmmaker & actress, Jennette’s mother, Debra left this mortal world on 20th September 2013. Apparently, she was suffering from breast cancer and she was first diagnosed with cancer back in 1995. For almost 15 years she lived well without any disease. However, in the year 2010, the cancer came back and eventually it became the reason for her death. 

Net Worth

Jennette Mccurdy’s mother Debra hadn’t really opened up about her career or net worth with the media. However, she has lots of properties left, and if we have to assume, she may have left behind a net worth of 500k USD. 

Debra Mccurdy Cause Of Death
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1. Who Is Debra Mccurdy?

As per the reports, Debra Mccurdy is famous for being the mother of the US filmmaker & actress Jennette Mccurdy. 

2. When Did Debra Mccurdy Die?

Debra Mccurdy, the mother of Jennette Mccurdy died in the year 2013, on 20th September. 

3. How Old Was Debra Mccurdy?

Debra Mccurdy left this mortal world at the age of 56 as the reports suggest. 

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