3 Ways of Using AI On Your Website To Drive Business Growth


Till a few years back, artificial intelligence, or AI as it is normally called was something you would read only in research papers and science experiments. However, the latest generation of AI models and tools, like ChatGPT, OpenAI, etc., have brought AI out of the lab and into our daily lives. AI-powered tools are now touching all major aspects of our work and personal life. They are opening up new possibilities and improvements which were not possible before.

If you are running a content or e-commerce website as a business, multiple AI tools are now available to help you grow your business faster. AI tools provide a cost-effective to offer enhanced services to your website’s visitors and customers, which will, in turn, help you grow your business from your website. 

Here are the top three ways of using AI for your website to drive business growth, 

  1. Using AI-powered content writing services to generate new content
  2. Using a human-like AI voiceover generator to publish audio articles and content
  3. Using AI chatbots to provide personalized customer service

Suppose you are a small e-commerce business or SaaS company trying to create a space for yourself in the industry. The above AI technology will help you personalize your proposition and take your burden off from the repetitive task in seconds. In turn, you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business. 

Using AI-powered content writing services to generate new content

Content writing can be a time-consuming but very important function for your website. Good content has multiple benefits for your website. It lets you engage and retain your visitors and inform them about the benefits of your products and services in the simplest way. Good content helps to build your brand and identity. With ever-increasing competition, good content can help you rank better in search engine rankings to get you more traffic and sales.

The latest generation of AI services is amazing at human-like content writing. They have collected and collated data from billions of websites and pages on the internet to produce well-researched content for almost any topic and in any format. Many services, such as Jasper, CopyAI, and WriteSonic, have created easy-to-use tools to create high-quality content instantly. You no longer need to hire a content writer or spend hours generating content yourself on various subjects.

Using a human-like AI voiceover generator to publish audio articles and content

Running a business is challenging. You are business busy with product development, content strategy, and creating marketing material like videos, sales, distribution, and much more. The latest generation of AI voiceover generator has matured to produce high-quality human-like speech for all purposes like marketing, announcements, IVR recording, podcast generation, etc. AI voiceover generator are used in machine learning and convert written words into read-aloud audio in various languages in seconds. For example, Listen2It, an AI voiceover generator service, can be a great solution for your voiceovers, where you can generate human-like voiceovers in minutes. 

Here are a few things that you can do with an AI voiceover generator service,

  • Create voiceovers for videos, product demos, advertisements, presentations, and explainer videos. 

explainer videos

  • Add an audio article option to your website. This will allow your users to listen to your articles on the go. An audio article is a great option for users who are physically challenged and also for multitaskers. 
  • Create and host podcasts without recording audio.

All you need to do with an AI voiceover generator is enter the script, choose a language and voice, edit the voice, add background music, and the voiceover is ready. While with audio articles, all you need is to add the plugin or use the API. 

Using AI Chatbots to provide personalized customer service

Suppose you run an e-commerce website or are a SaaS business owner. In that case, you are bound to have multiple tickets and queries about the product, or you will have consumers who have queries about the product you sell, the delivery channel, the restocking details, and more. These questions are unavoidable, and it is crucial to provide a customer experience with a great turnaround time. Hence taking the help of AI chatbots can reduce your task list and improve the efficiency of your business. Now, what is an AI chatbot? An AI chatbot is software that stimulants human-to-human conversation using natural language processing or NLP. This helps to respond to the customers’ queries in real time, eliminating the need for human representatives 24/7. AI chatbots are trained with natural conversations and can recognize natural languages. Hence using AI chatbots can lower the load of your tickets and queries and help resolve your customers’ issues even when you are offline. 


AI tools can be the extra edge that your business needs to drive off competition. Millions of businesses worldwide are already using these tools to get more customers. As a website owner, don’t miss out on using these amazing technical innovations to drive your business forward. Get started today; most of the services are reasonably priced and ideal for growing businesses to invest in.

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