Anya Taylor-Joy Nude Mini Dress All The Rage On The Red Carpet

Anya Taylor-Joy
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The Anya Taylor-Joy nude dress is all over the pictures. The actress is best known for her deeply emotional, complex roles in acclaimed movies Split and The Northman wore a nude mini dress to date night with her boyfriend, Malcolm McRae.

She looked absolutely gorgeous in the chilly London environs in a sparkling dress paired with a white duck coat and Louboutin heels. The globe-trotting actress often travels to distant places with a sense of adventure and looks drop-dead beautiful for the ever-flashing cameras. 

A Bold Statement

Anya Taylor-Joy is popular for not shying away from a bold scene whenever it is required of her. For example, in last year’s Anya-Taylor Joy The Northman, she bared it all in a steamy sex scene with film lead Alexander Skarsgard. The actress plays a Slavic seer in the movie. She is captured along with Amleth and sold the villain Fjolnir.

Anya-Taylor Joy Northman showcases the chemistry between the lead pair without much censorship. The movie depicts a young Viking nobleman whose uncle murders his father, and now he centers his entire life around vengeance. 

But this is a more recent example of Anya appearing in a nude scene. A few years ago, she was the lead in the period horror movie The Witch. Also directed by The Northman director Robert Eggers. There, we find her descending into a pool buck-naked. She flaunts her delightful curves for all to see and possibly drool over.

Moreover, it shows that she is not at all scared of being bold. This is quite the statement for an actress of her caliber. There are several more nude scenes in The Witch which showcase various actors and actresses in various stages of undress. 

A Bold Statement

Versatile Actress

In addition to this, there have been movies of late where we find Anya bare it all for the cameras without much shame. Furthermore, Anya-Taylor Joy’s nude scenes figure the highest in all movies starring the actress. In Split, we do not get to see much, but there is definitely some amount of skin show when she reveals all the self-inflicted scars on her body and makes Kevin spare her.

Furthermore, Split is yet another example of fine filmmaking. Here, the antagonist suffers from a split personality disorder and decides to capture three girls to sacrifice them. Also, a dark, violent personality called the Beast looms over everyone for most of the movie. Moreover, Anya-Taylor really shines through with her portrayal of the disturbed Casey Cooke. 

Versatile Actress
Credit: Showbiz cheat sheet

Coming back to the topic of her nude dress that she wore to the date, it was quite a bold statement. Moreover, she looked angelic with her beau on her arm as the two of them romped around the red carpet and also shared a kiss. Much to the delight of all those who were present.

Also, Anya Taylor-Joy has turned out to be one of the most bankable stars in the industry. Furthermore, she has the willingness to show her skin wherever the plot demands it if it helps in taking the plot further. 


1. Where can I find an Anya Taylor-Joy nude scene?

There are several movies where you can find an Anya Taylor-Joy nude scene, like The Witch and The Northman.

2. What ethnicity is Anya Taylor-Joy?

Anya Taylor-Joy is of English, Scottish, Spanish, and Argentine descent. 

3. How old was Anya Taylor-Joy in Split?

Anya Taylor-Joy was 20 in Split.

4. Who is Anya Taylor-Joy in a relationship with?

Yes, Taylor-Joy has been dating her boyfriend, Malcolm McRae, since 2021.

5. Is Anya Taylor-Joy married already?

Anya Taylor-Joy recently married her boyfriend. 

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