accessiBe’s Accessible Solutions: 4 Ways Web Accessibility Can Help Your Agency Reach New Heights

accessibility adjustments interface of accessiBe's accessWidget

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accessiBe offers an ecosystem of web accessibility solutions designed to help businesses create and maintain accessible websites in compliance with legal standards. The company strives to create a more inclusive internet, by equipping businesses with everything they need to provide a seamless user experience for everyone, regardless of ability. For web agencies, accessiBe is a partner for success that you can’t afford to ignore.

What Does accessiBe do?

accessiBe provides a variety of solutions to help businesses become accessible with quick, affordable, and seamless implementation . 

One of accessiBe’s solutions is the AI-powered accessWidget. accessWidget utilizes two applications that work together to remediate websites. The accessibility interface is responsible for the UI and design-related adjustments, while the AI-powered process handles the complex requirements like optimization for screen readers and keyboard navigation. This unique widget provides businesses with what they need to make the user experience customizable for different users, depending on their specific needs. It also helps websites to meet the regulatory compliance standards required by law.

The Benefits Of Making Your Website Inclusive

By making your website accessible with one or several of accessiBe’s solutions, you will be able to reach and access a larger consumer market while boosting your potential conversions and improving engagement rates. 

Here are some business benefits of having an inclusive website:

  • Improve organic reach: Not only will businesses widen their customer base to include the 16% of the population that has a disability, but their website will rank higher on search engines and experience increased visibility because of enhanced SEO. This can drive more traffic to the website. 
  • Improve the user experience: A clean user experience, as a result of web accessibility, will offer users consistent page headers and structure, making navigation easier. The easier it is to navigate a website, it’s more likely that conversion rates will lift and bounce rates will drop.
  • Help comply with accessibility laws: Owning and operating an accessible website means that your business will mitigate legal risk and potentially save valuable time and money that could be spent on lawsuits. To do this, businesses can rely on AI-powered tools such as accessiBe’s to conform with WCAG in compliance with the ADA. 
  • Help with taxes: For businesses who invest in web accessibility, a tax credit of up to $5,000 is available. The tax credit can be received annually for those who qualify and can be spent on further web accessibility practices.

How Does accessWidget Work?

Here is an overview of how accessiBe’s automated AI-driven accessibility solutions work:

  • The system scans and analyzes your website’s content.
  • The system’s UI/UX adjuster modifies the site’s frontend components while retaining the core design.
  • The platform remains up-to-date and automatically detects new content or changes to existing pages.

How accessiBe’s accessWidget is Implemented into Websites

accessWidget can be installed in just a few minutes. Here’s how it works:

Automated scanning: accessWidget scans your website and automatically makes modifications to the areas that are not accessible based on the profile the user selects .

  • Customization: accessWidget allows you to customize accessibility options to meet the specific needs of your website and your users.
  • Scalability: accessWidget can handle websites of any size, making it a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Compliance: accessWidget helps businesses meet legal accessibility standards, such as the ADA.
  • Integration: accessWidget can be easily integrated into your website, regardless of the platform or CMS you use.
  • Ongoing monitoring: accessWidget provides ongoing monitoring of your website’s accessibility to ensure continued compliance and improve the user experience for all users.

How is accessWidget Different from Other Accessibility Solutions?

This unique widget provides businesses with what they need to make the user experience customizable for different users, depending on their specific needs. The accessible UI is session-based and the changes appear in a customizable experience for each individual user. The original code and UX of the website on the backend, is not affected.

Overview of accessiBe Other Accessibility Tools

In addition to accessWidget, accessiBe offers several other tools for web accessibility such as: 

  •  A free auditing tool that checks if a website is accessible and complies with ADA regulations and provides a detailed report on what website remediations are needed.
  • accessServices: A team of web accessibility experts who work closely with businesses every step of the way to guide them in making their websites accessible and aligned with global accessibilityrequirements.

5 Ways Accessible Websites Will Make Your Agency Stand Out

  1.  Moral Obligation: Creating an accessible digital environment is the right thing to do from a moral standpoint and this is an important statement to make for your customers and community.
  2.  Brand Reputation: Improve your brand reputation by being proactive in offering inclusive and accessible website practices for your customers.
  3. Mitigating Legal Risks: Implementing a web accessibility solution prevents risk of litigation for your customers who are legally required to provide accessible websites for their users.
  4. Better SEO: accessiBe solutions can improve your customers’ SEO, improving their ranking on Google and increasing engagement.
  5. Cost Savings: As web accessibility becomes a standard for web design and building, your customers will appreciate an affordable and maintainable solution.

All in all, accessiBe’s AI-driven accessibility solutions are reshaping the way businesses approach accessibility by providing cost-effective, straightforward solutions that improve the user experience for people with disabilities while mitigating legal risks for businesses. 

By following the tips outlined in this article and implementing an accessiBe solution into your agency’s website design offering, you will be positioning yourself as an ally for people with disabilities and also providing your customers with an effective and affordable solution for website inclusion.

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