4th May Events: What Are The Best Events Apart From International Firefighters Day?

International Firefighters Day

As per the sources, May has some of the most amazing events you can celebrate with your friends and family. Known as the daisy month, it’s a month full of warm flavor and brilliance. Every day shines like the warm rays of the sun. So, that’s why, we get plenty of opportunities to enjoy every day with our friends and family. Moreover, as we know, in many parts of the world, we get holidays in May. So, if you want to enjoy the holidays in even grand fashion, then we have a lot of great 4th May Events lined up for you. 

According to the sources, the 4th of May has some of those beautiful events. For example, it’s Star Wars Day. People all over the world, in countries like India, Australia, America, etc, celebrate May 4 as International Firefighters Day as well. Apart from that, we have some other events to celebrate in the US as well. 

For example, it’s National Orange Juice Day, World Password Day, and more. So, if you want to know more about these events, you are at the right place. Here we will share all the details that you would like to know about this day.

Here’s The List Of Events On 4th May

The Fourth of May brings you plenty of amazing festivals and grand events. Of course, not a single of these are official by any means. However, that doesn’t stop us from celebrating these events of May, right? Well, it’s time to take a look at the events of this day in detail.

Star Wars Day

1. International Firefighters Day

First of all, let us start with the event that’s popular everywhere. Yes, we are talking about international firefighters day. Firefighters risk their lives every day to protect us from the possible dangers of fire. So, on this day, you could take some time out of your busy schedule and thank them for what they do. Every minute a firefighter in any part of the world is busy saving someone. 

2. Star Wars Day

So, a lot of people know the 4th of May as the Star Wars Day. If you are a Star Wars fan, then this is the perfect day for you to celebrate. According to the sources, you can try cosplaying your favorite star wars character on this day. In addition, you could also host a mini star wars party with your friends. Of course, it’s always great to watch the exciting moments of Star Wars on this day. On the other hand, if you are new to this franchise, then you could try learning more about Star Wars. For example, let us tell you that it was in 1976 when the first book of Star Wars was released. 

National Orange Juice Day

3. National Orange Juice Day

A lot of great dishes can be made with oranges. Of course, we can eat oranges on their own as well. However, sometimes a glass of orange juice is exactly what we need. If you are also thirsty for some orange juice, then you will gladly enjoy this day. The refreshing taste of oranges packed with vitamins is a perfect way to start this day. So, open your fridge, get a sweet orange, and make orange juice. 

4. Word Password Day

We just cannot imagine how the world would be without passwords. So, as we know, people use passwords to protect sensitive data from outsiders. In order to protect your privacy, you should always take some time to update your password. So, the 4th of May seems to be the perfect day to do that. Take some time and update your current password if you can to protect your data from hackers. 

National Renewal Day

5. National Renewal Day

A lot of people all over the US know the 4th of May as National Renewal Day. So, just as the name suggests, this day is about looking at life anew, starting up things that we’ve been meaning to do for a long time now. In other words, it’s a day when you should reinvigorate yourself, take a step back, and look at life in a different way. Who knows maybe you could find something amazing? 

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