Love Is Blind Season 3: Cast, Couple, And More

Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind season 3 was one of the most famous reality shows held in Dallas in 2022. It saw 30 singles enter the pods to find the love of their life. So, even if you are not a follower of this show, you can pretty much guess how wonderful the show’s premise is, right? Interestingly, the third season had a lot more to offer than the preceding one, and that’s simply due to the way the contestants graced the show.

However, as we know, the odds of a couple lasting in their relationship are not so great following the show. That said, you may still want to know stuff, such as who’s still together and how they are doing. Even though the show’s romantic success rate isn’t the best, it’s still one of the best shows on Netflix. 

So, that’s the reason why, so many people want to know about the show’s cast, spoilers, winning couples, and how they are doing. So, now’s the time to follow this article, and find out all you need to know about the Love is Blind season 3. 

Love Is Blind Season 3: A Short Overview

Netflix’s famous dating show, Love Is Blind returned for a third season in 2022 and saw amazing contestants lighting up the stage, in the hope of finding their true love. While the chances are slim, they do eventually strike up a match, and find their love in the end. 

However, what happens next is something that’s not shown. For example, whether they end up together for the long term, and get married, that’s a completely different scenario. Nevertheless, the show has continuously piqued fans’ interest for various reasons. 

From a fabulous cast to the environment, Love Is Blind season 3 offered a lot of things to fans. According to the reports, 30 singles entered this reality show to find their true love. The best part of this reality show is, that none of these single people have seen each other. As a result, this show truly lives up to its name. 

Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast

So, now that we know sufficient info about the Love Is Blind reality show, and how it returned for a third season, it’s time to take a look at the Love Is Blind season 3 cast:

  • Andrew Liu – Age 30, occupation: Director of Operations
  • Amanda Peterson- Age 31, occupation: Stylist
  • Ashley Randermann- Age 29, occupation- Chiropractor
  • Chelsey Jordan-Age 27, occupation-Customer Success
  • Tony Taylor-Age 34, occupation: Medical Device Sales Rep
  • Dakota Easley- Age 29, occupation: Aerospace engineer
  • Valerie Troung- Age 35, occupation- Dermatologist
  • DaVonte Black- Age 29, occupation- Fitness Development
  • Anthony LaScalea-Age 33, occupation- Attorney
  • Kalekia Adams-Age 31, occupation: ICU Nurse Practitioner
  • Dale Dalida-Age 32, occupation, Cybersecurity Student
  • Kim Clarke-Age 30, occupation: Teacher & Coach
  • Julian Torres-Age 34, occupation: Managing Director of Operations
  • Jess Gumbert-Age 30, occupation: Senior Event Producer
  • Charita Scott-Age 35, occupation: Make-up Artist
  • Zach Gordon-Age 29, occupation: Med School
  • Loren Langeneck-Age 36, occupation: Medical Device Rep
  • Simmer Bajwa- Age 27, occupation: Director of Marketing
  • Brannigan Maxwell-Age 35, occupation: Critical Care Nurse
  • Nash Buehler-Age 34, occupation: Realtor

So, besides these 20 wonderful contestants, we also have five couples, who lit up the show. In other words, they went on to become couples. If you want to know how they are doing right now, and other details, then you are at the right place. So, all you have to do is to just follow this article, and you will get all you need to know. 

Love Is Blind Season 3 Couples

First of all, if you don’t want Love Is Blind season 3 spoilers, then avoid reading this section. We will now discuss the contestants who made it as a couple. 

  • Alexa and Brennon

So, the first couple on our list is, Alexa and Brennon. The 27-year-old insurance agency owner, Alexa, saw love in Brennon, the 32-year-old water treatment engineer. In fact, they were the first couple who decided to get engaged. So, after leaving the pods, they spent some quality time in Malibu as fiances.

  • Matt and Colleen

If you were rooting for Matt and Colleen, then let us share some good news. The 28-year-old private charter sales executive, Matt, and the 26-year-old Colleen felt a spark for each other in the show. However, Colleen initially liked Brennon. Later, due to several reasons, she decided to pursue a relationship with Matt. 

  • Nancy and Bartise

The next couple of Love Is Blind season 3 show is Nancy and Bartise. So, one should know that both of them dated other cast members in the pod before getting engaged. In other words, there was a time when we felt like Bartise would hit off with Raven. However, eventually, these two love birds found each other. 

  • Zanab and Cole

So, we can tell the viewers liked the chemistry forming between Zanab and Cole. The 32-year-old flight attendant, Zanab, and the 27-year-old realtor, Cole, bonded over their religion. In fact, they also desired to have a lot of children. So, these two factors united them. 

  • SK and Raven

The final couple of Love Is Blind season 3, Raven and SK have also made fans wowed. According to the reports, the 34-year-old data engineer, SK, and Raven, a 29-year-old pilot instructor, did manage to find a spark. 

Love Is Blind season 3 where are they now?

Now it comes to the biggest spoiler part, so are you ready? According to the reports, season 3 of the reality show saw only two couples say I Do at the altar. On the other hand, the third pair almost confirmed that they might give it another shot. 

Firstly, SK and Raven didn’t make it. According to the reports, SK turned Raven down, and it was because he felt their relationship wasn’t “ready” to progress to the next level. However, they were ready to take things to a long-distance level. 

Meanwhile, Alexa and Brennon reached a completion of their relationship, as they said “I Do” at the altar. At present, the duo have moved to Texas. On the other hand, the third couple, Matt and Colleen are still together. Moreover, they also exchanged vows during the finale. 

As for the remaining two pairs, Cole-Zanab and Bartise-Nancy, both ended things on their respective wedding days. We can also say that they aren’t on the best terms now.