What’s the Big Deal With CBD Oil for Inflammation?


The health community is abuzz with people looking into CBD for anti-inflammatory effects, but there are just as many people confused about the nature of the compound. Understanding CBD is simple enough: CBD is extracted from hemp. However, in order for it to be legal, CBD products need to contain less than .3% of THC. Thus, essentially, when you use CBD there are no psychoactive effects because there is such a low amount of THC.

As a result of the non-psychoactive effects, CBD is able to be used for a wide variety of purposes, mostly aiding in relief for pain and anxiety. Organic CBD oil for inflammation, for example, is a popular form of pain management that works. Typically, the oil is taken sublingually for maximum results.

The History of CBD

Cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years. At first, CBD wasn’t extracted from the plant, but it was consumed in cannabis. The CBD in cannabis was responsible for some of the medical benefits doctors and scientists began researching in the 1500s. By the 1950s, CBD was first extracted from the cannabis plant, and users soon realized you could experience the same health benefits without the psychoactive response. As more and more data on the benefits of CBD were revealed, the fight for legality across the United States began. Today, CBD is legal in 50 states, and even the FDA has taken notice and started research into the possibility of using it as a medicine.

CBD for Inflammation

CBD has been shown to help fight pain and anxiety. One of its most popular uses is as Organic Cbd Oil For Inflammation , but it’s also available in other mediums such as pre-rolled smokes and creams for topical application to the inflamed area. But, is inflammation really a big problem?

Inflammation is the body’s most common defense mechanism. When the body detects a problem such as a cut or an infection, blood cells rush to the area. The way these cells interact with the distressed cells results in inflammation. Chronic inflammation, or inflammation that is a consistent and lasting issue, may be associated with pollutants, body weight, and other environmental factors. Inflammation is also present in patients with autoimmune response disorders. When an autoimmune disease is present, your body confuses healthy cells with unhealthy cells, and the immune system attacks healthy cells causing inflammation.

What Is the CBD Dose for Inflammation?

If you’re asking yourself how much CBD you should consume to fight inflammation, you’re not alone. An exact dosing schedule has not been established, but there are a few things that can affect how your body reacts to CBD. For instance, if you’ve been using hemp, cannabis, or CBD products, your body may have built up a tolerance. This tolerance means you have to consume more CBD for the same effect a new user would experience with a lesser amount. It’s best to start small and increase use after establishing how you feel on CBD.

How Can You Find Quality CBD?

There are a few things to look for in a company offering CBD products and claiming health benefits. It’s important to make sure the company only works with 100% organic and non-psychoactive CBD. Another indicator of trustworthiness is doctor recommendation. If a doctor is willing to stand behind the products, the company must be doing something right.

Nature’s Perfect Hemp offers a full line of CBD products including organic CBD oil for inflammation. All products undergo lab testing, they are doctor recommended, and they are non-psychoactive. The founder of Nature’s Perfect Hemp isn’t a businessman who’s hopped on the CBD train. He personally suffered from pain for years with no relief from pharmaceutical products. When he used hemp extract for the first time, it changed his life, and now he wants to change yours.

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