What to Give as a Present to a Gamer Girl?

Gamer Girl

Gaming is a trendy hobby among girls of all ages. For some of them, it might become their profession. In the future, they can work as game designers or developers. Also, they can make money on game streaming or cybersports competitions. This is why grown-ups should not disapprove of this hobby. Instead, they can support it by buying useful gifts for a gamer girl. This article contains a selection of top-notch present ideas for any budget.

A Wireless Mouse

A good gaming mouse is an excellent and affordable gift. To select the best wireless gaming mouse under 50, read reviews on Insider Games or other reliable sources. It is impossible to have too many mice in the house. One might be tailor-made for racing games, the other one for shooters. If one mouse fails, the girl will promptly connect a spare one to her computer. A friend might come to see her and maybe join the game from another laptop. When not sure which gift to choose, buy the best wireless gaming mouse.

A Gaming Laptop

This gift has two drawbacks. First, it is expensive. Second, if the girl already has a decent laptop, she will hardly need a second one. In all the other aspects, that would be a superb present. There are laptops for beginners, expert gamers and medium level. When not sure which device to choose, opt for the one that is easy to upgrade. The girl will be able to customize it according to her tastes and gaming habits.

Also, grown-ups can consider buying a gaming PC or a gaming monitor. In this case, it would be wiser to discuss with the girl in advance what she needs. A tech-savvy lady will tell them the specific characteristics of her dream PC. A younger girl might surprise her parents by saying that she does not need a huge monitor at all. Unlike the other gifts listed in this article, these two should never come as a surprise.

A VR Headset

Such a device is equipped with a high-resolution display and contains a vast library of games. It has responsive controllers, and it can boast of outstanding ergonomics. A VR headset might seem like an advanced gadget. But in fact, it operates on the “plug-and-play” principle. The definition of the images is extremely high. The girl will experience an incredibly realistic immersion in a fantasy universe. However, choosing a cool headset takes more effort than reading a wireless gaming mouse review.

A Gaming Chair

The difference between a gaming chair and an office one consists in ergonomics. The piece of furniture that was built for gamers is especially sturdy and comfortable. It is equipped with a dedicated headrest and a swivel system. Its seat is segmented, and its armrests are padded. Its backrest is adjustable and declinable. In such a chair, the girl can easily survive hours-long championships. And of course, she will enjoy doing her homework on this type of seating.

A Gaming Desk

In fact, it is a multipurpose desk. It is wide and can normally withstand up to 220 pounds of weight. It does not look as conventional and “boring” as an office table. A gaming desk might have RGB lights on both sides. It can be of any color: blue, orange, red, neon green, and so on. There might be funny prints on its surface. This is much more than a pragmatic piece of furniture. It creates a unique ambiance and sets the girl in the proper mood for gaming.

Books About Games

This can be an encyclopedia of video games or the history of one particular game. Teenage girls would be interested in the psychology of computer games. Younger girls usually prefer selections of exciting facts about their favorite games and the whole industry. Books are precious because they enable girls to look at their hobby from a new angle. They will realize that this is something more than a cool pastime. Gaming opens immense opportunities for development and self-expression. And when the girl is reading the book, she will not be staring at the screen!

Shirts, Bags, Socks and Hoodies with Gaming Prints

Girls are proud to be gamers. They want the whole world to know about their hobby. The Rainbow Six Siege Hoodie is the perfect gift for the fashion-forward gamer girl! The hoodies are a must-have for any gamer girl looking to show off her love and pride in the game she loves. She will be genuinely grateful for sunglasses with a “pixelated” rim. A backpack with the logo of her favorite game will come in handy too.

Such clothes and accessories perform a very important function. They let the girl stay in touch with the gaming universe while she is away from her computer. She might be studying, jogging, or visiting her grandma. But she will remain the winner and conqueror in any environment!

A Table Lamp or Bedroom Lights

It can look like a character or the logo of a particular game. For instance, it can be a ghost from Pac-Man or the words “Apex Legends” that the girl should attach to the wall. Normally, such lamps can change colors. Their palette contains over a dozen of bright neon hues. The girl might be able to choose from several lighting modes: flash, strobe, fade and so on. Such devices are highly instagrammable, and they add a bit of cyberpunk chic to the room.

Gaming Glasses

This is a must-have for people who spend long hours in front of the monitor. Such glasses block out blue light and prevent headaches. They reduce eye strains and guarantee a sound sleep at night. They might slightly distort colors — but most owners get used to it quickly. Gaming glasses look incredibly stylish. They are elegant and futuristic at the same time. They are lightweight, and their nose hinges are very comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this selection came in handy and inspired its readers. In fact, they can consider the same items when searching for a present for a gamer boy. Young gamers will love to know that grown-ups approve of their hobby!

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