Who is Slim Danger (Aereon Clark)? Bio:Wiki, Instagram, Age and Life Facts

Slim Danger

Slim Danger is a name that got popular mainly for being the mother of Chief Keef’s child, Zinc. Recently, she got public attention when she told the world about the weird sexual preference of Odell Beckham Jr. Furthermore, this adult actress is a well-known name on OnlyFans. Of course, there is more to her than this. So, keep reading to know all there is about this celebrity.

Biography of Slim Danger

Slim Danger came into this world in the year 1989. Currently, she is 39 years of age. Also, her real name is Aereon Clark and was born in an American family. Yes, she has American nationality and follows Christianity. However, not much is available about her childhood or family. Now, she is a popular adult actress on the OnlyFans platform. Furthermore, she hosts a podcast, Thots Next Door, where she discusses a wide range of topics.

Podcast of Slim Danger

Of course, she is more than an adult actress. In fact, she hosts a podcast with popular internet personalities like Alzina and Celina Powell. And, it’s called Thots Next Door. Here, the women speak about their lives. Furthermore, they comment on the current trending topics in the show biz. Yes, in one episode, she even revealed how she met Chief Keef and got pregnant.

Podcast of Slim Danger

Slim Danger and her relationship with Chief Keef

Certainly, you must know about Chief Keef. After all, he is a popular American based singer, rapper, record producer, and songwriter. And, he came into the limelight in early 2010 when he was just a teenager. In one of the episodes of her podcast, she told the world about how they met. First, she sent him a message on Instagram. Well, she did this to meet him because she was present at his concert. Of course, what happened after that remains a mystery. But, this eventually got Slim Danger pregnant with Zinc. Now, their son is 4 years old.

How many kids does Slim Danger have?

Currently, she has 2 sons. First, she has a son from her previous relationship who is 12 years old. Sadly, both her ex and her son’s name remains a mystery. Next, she has 4-year-old Zinc whose father is Chief Keef. Also, in one of her podcasts, she told that she wanted to get pregnant. Later, she informed him about it by going to California itself. Of course, the due is not together. But, both co-parent their son.

Net worth of Slim Danger

Currently, her estimated net worth is around 3 to 5 million dollars. Well, the majority of her fame came when she got into the spotlight for her affair with Chief Keef. Of course, her main source of income is from OnlyFans and her podcast where she is quite popular.

Why did she adopt Slim Danger as her name?

Obviously, this is a question that pops up in mind when they get to the real name of the actress. Well, it all started in 2009. Yes, in the reality show “For the love of Ray J”, there was a contestant whose name was Danger. During that time, Tom Green, a former MTV star, commented on that contestant. And, that moved her to use this name as her own.

Well, that’s all there is about Slim Danger. Stay tuned for more future updates!

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