Salman F Rahman proposes to establish ‘Joy Bangla’ as national slogan


Salman F Rahman, a lawmaker and the private sector industry and investment adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, brought up an offer for the national slogan of Bangladesh. “I would like to place a proposal in parliament through you (speaker). An amendment to the constitution should be made to declare ‘Joy Bangla’ as our national slogan,” he said.

Tracing its origin back to the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971, Mukti Bahini, the forces that fought for the country’s independence, used Joy Bangla as their war cry and slogan against the Pakistani forces. Following that, after the declaration of Bangladesh’s independence on a broadcast announcement, the speech from Major Ziaur Rahman ended with those two words to demarcate the result of the forces’ efforts and struggle.
Recalling the same, Salman F Rahman, the elected lawmaker from Dohar – Nawabganj constituency, added that even students had launched movements with Joy Bangla and the chant is closely associated, if not a definitive insignia, with the country’s independence.
In contrast, some government officials over the years expressed their reluctance over the slogan amendment on the basis of ‘maintaining neutrality’ at a public event. This comes as a surprise since the same people have attained the position, freedom, and right to put forward their opinion largely because of Bangladesh’s independence.
That said, Salman F Rahman further emphasized on the absence of “Bangabandhu”, whenever Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s name is mentioned in the newspapers. The first president of Bangladesh and later elected the Prime Minister from 1971 to 1975, he was a major driving force behind the independence of the country. A central figure during the 1971 transformation, Mujibur Rahman is considered as Jatir Pita, the Father of the Nation.
His historic March 7 speech, 18 days before the commencement of the Liberation War moved the people to fight for their freedom and even that speech ended with ‘Joy Bangla’.
Talking about the post-independence course of the country, Beximco Group head Salman F Rahman said, “It’s really beyond one’s imagination that the country has reached such a position.” Even the last 10 years showcase an unbelievable development and progress rate.
Congratulating the Prime Minister for the same in his address, Rahman didn’t shy away from highlighting the efforts of the Bangabandhu’s current family lines including Sheikh Kamal (eldest son), Sheikh Rehana (daughter), Sajeeb Wajed Joy, and others for their respective friendship, work towards turning Bangladesh into a digital country, and internationally recognized work in the field of autism.
In response to Rahman’s amendment proposal, lawmakers from the opposition as well as treasury expressed their support and greetings in the parliamentary session.