Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC): Why is it so Essential?


All set to visit Australia? Have your bags packed? Are tickets ready? Documents cleared? Plans set? Dreaming of the beautiful time you’ll be having already? Sorry to stop you, but there’s no mentioning of an Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) for Australia in here. But, why need health insurance when you need to visit a place & have a good time? We’ll answer this later!
To visit the ‘Land Down Under,’ you could have your own set of reasons. You probably want to enjoy some valuable time with your family or enter an energized mood along with your friends doing exciting activities. Maybe, you are a businessman and want to expand your business into this wonderfully developed country. Do you just want to sightsee Australia on a cruise? Or are you a recent graduate from an Australian establishment or some other country who’s got adequate skills & qualifications to work, live & travel in Australia? Or are you funded by an Australian employer to fill a role his fellow Australian can’t take?
For whatever reasons you might have, over 9 million people are visiting Australia every year. Tourism contributes to almost 3% of the total Australian GDP share. Under any Travel Visa once chooses to get, they can reside in Australia from a duration of 3 months to 10 years, depending on various reasons such as the type of visa, provided reasons, application status, profile, job role, etc.
But whatever your reasons are, there is one thing you definitely might now want to ignore. Getting & maintaining an adequate level of OVHC Policy; something heavily recommended by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia. In some cases, having an International Visitors Health Insurance can be mandatory as well, in case of few visas categories like 403, 482, 485, etc.
Why is an OVHC regarded as a Must – Have
Australia is one of the few countries in the world that strives to provide its citizens with the best of healthcare facilities under the Medicare Scheme, FREE of the cost! However, Medicare does not cover Overseas citizens and therefore, are subject to pay for even the most basic medical facilities while in Australia. If you think it’s way too easy, you might want to consider again. Are you aware that a one – day admittance in a hospital with general consultations, with basic medical facilities could cost you over 1000 AU$s? Shocking for first-timers, we know! But hey, this can be avoided.
However, there is a slight exemption for citizens from certain countries Australia has a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA) with. Overseas citizens from the Republic of Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland & the United Kingdom are exempted from taking the Overseas Visitors Health Insurance and are eligible for treatment under Medicare.
You might, for a while think that you’ll keep your health in its best, eat healthy food, won’t indulge in any bad habits, but is that all? Let’s accept that your sickness proof, but what if something like an accident occurs? Or what if you need to consult a specialist? What about a joint replacement surgery? Cardiac services? Now, that is something which could dent a massive hole in your wallet!
But what are some treatments/features generally covered under Visitor Visa Health Insurance?
Up to 100% of the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) fee for consultations of General Physician (GP) or specialist consultation, in – hospital or out – hospital treatment, same – day & overnight accommodation, operation theatre fees, labour ward & intensive ward fees, coverage for services like radiology & pathology, emergency transport to hospital, emergency room and staff fee, pharmaceuticals listed medications listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), surgically implanted prostheses fees, cardiac & major joint operation fees, pregnancy & birth – related services, priority treatment in partner hospitals, and lots more!
But not every medical bills/feature are covered! A few of them are: Pre-existing conditions, claims when a policy is suspended/removed, expenses incurred within waiting periods, rehabilitation (if the incident occurred before coming to Australia), assisted reproductive services, including In – Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), cosmic or experimental surgery, luxury room services not covered under Medicare, Non – PBS high-cost drugs, podiatric surgery, etc.
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You could pay for all these, but why pay from your own pocket, when your insurer pays for the same? That’s why an OVHC health cover policy! Without an OVHC health insurer backing you up, you’ll be spending big money from your own pocket. If you know it can be avoided, why not take up a good level of OVHC health insurance for Australia and use your money for something else?
We, at GetMyPolicy, are here to help you make your perfect decision regarding your OVHC health insurance. You get to make your choice from some of Australia’s finest OVHC providers. Compare between various brands, see available features & know what you pay for. Choose some good extras as well!
^^ The services extended by different OVHC insurance companies will change from a brand – to – brand basis or might remain the same in some cases. New services could be added & older ones could be added/removed/amended without prior notice. Services provided by different insurers differ & therefore; policies, prices, and conditions laid by the insurance companies are subject to changes. The writer or GetMyPolicy don’t intend to endorse or promote any particular insurance brands.