Find Out The Reason Why ‘Logan’ Is The Best Superhero Movie Ever According To Critic

Hugh Jackman’s

Hugh Jackman’s fans are filled with mixed emotions about the last performance of the hero as Wolverine. They are sad in their hearts of hearts, whereas they totally satisfied with the performance that the X-Men star gives in Logan. The R-rated film is making headlines for being the best superhero movie ever. Read on to find about the X-Men star and his best ever performance.

Logan is making is place amongst those few movies that earn praises both from the audiences and the critics.

If critics to be believed than Logan is best superhero movie ever, in the history of Hollywood.

LoganDirector James Mangold did total justice to the last performance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

LoganBidding goodbye to the 17 years old character, who had been a craze amongst his fans, wasn’t an easy job. But brave James was able to spellbind the fans and made a truly satisfying movie.

Logan : Best Superhero Movie ever
This time even critics can’t help but praise the movie and performance, look what critics have to say “The film celebrates the medium by taking itself seriously, with an added hint of apology for the genre’s earlier sins. Best of all, there’s an element of risk.”- San Francisco Chronicle
“Logan is as understated a masterpiece as there’s ever been, delivering the wolverine film we’ve all been waiting for, and if this truly is Hugh Jackman’s final time playing him, he has definitely left the series on a high note.”- Starburst
“Logan was written by Scott Frank, Mr. Mangold, and Michael Green. Their script is the crucial ingredient of this impressive production, a model of ambition, complexity, and old-fashioned showmanship that’s matched by the Mr. Mangold’s direction.”- Wall Street Journal
The script is that of courage, violence and of course full of action sequences performed by the superhero. Although there are many other elements in the movie other than Wolverine.