Do you Know About vCard iPhone? Find Out How You Can Send Contact vCard From iPhone Easily

vCard iPhone

A lot of you may already know that the iPhone uses the vCard format to store and transfer the details of the contact. So, here we will talk about the vCard iPhone and how effective it is. In other words, we will tell you all about this format. Moreover, we will also tell how iPhone uses this to store and transfer the contact details.

Do you want to know the steps to send contact vcard iPhone to others? Well, you can use iMessage, email, and other apps to send the contact details to someone. So, n this article, you will find everything about it and also the steps to make it happen.

Sending Contact vCard From Your iPhone Device: How It Works & The Steps

There are times when someone may ask you for contact. In other words, they might ask for the contact details of a person whose contact you already have on your list. So, in that scenario, either you can pass the info over a phone or even make use of a share contact feature. It’s worth noting that iPhone has a share contact feature and we call it vCard iPhone.

This share contact feature allows you to send a Contact vCard using AirDrop, Email, iMessage, Whatsapp, and other places.

This vCard is a format that’s supported on an iOS device and Android. In fact, it will also support on Windows, and other third-party Contact Apps as well. So, now that we have a sufficient amount of idea about the vCard, it’s time to figure out how you can send the contact to another phone or a device.

These Are The Steps To Send A Contact vCard From Your iPhone Device

As we have already mentioned earlier, it’s a bit easy to send a contact vCard from your iPhone to another person through apps. So, now’s the time to follow the steps that we will show below. If you do, then you will be able to send Contact vCard from your iPhone to someone who’s requesting someone’s Contact ID from you.

  • First, of all, you need to go to the Home Screen of your iPhone device and tap on the Phone icon.
  • Once you tap on the Phone icon, you will see the Contact tab which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, you have to tap on the Name that will show on the next screen. In case you want to send your own contact list, you need to tap the ‘Name’ option. Otherwise, you can tap on the Contact whose vCard you wish to send to a person.
  • So, now that you have already tapped on someone’s contact id or Vcard iPhone that you wish to send, you can follow the next step.
  • On the contact page, it’s time to scroll down and tap the option ‘Share Contact’. This is the option that will let you share the Contact details with another person. It will use either mail, iMessage, or another medium to do that.
  • So, a pop-up screen will emerge on the next page. Then, it’s time to tap on the Mail icon to send the Contact vCard using Email. Otherwise, you can also tap on the iMessage, WhatsApp, or AirDrop icon to transfer the Contact details.
  • Tap on the Email icon and it will open with a Compose New Mail screen. So, it will allow you to choose the recipient of the email and then send the contact vCard as an Email Attachment.


The recipient of the email will receive the Contact as the vcf file format. Tapping the vcf contact will open the Contact vCard iPhone. It will allow the recipient to see the contact details in vCard format.