Importance Of Chemicals In Industries And Hazards Identification


The chemical industry has touched every phase of life today. From Agro-industry, food industry to pharmaceutical industries, the use of chemicals has increased ten-fold. And this growing demand is due to its ability to convert raw materials into products the industries desire to create.
Chemicals may sound harmful, but they are widely used in industries and even in our daily life. Normally we find the use of chemicals in washing, cleaning products and even in food products. But their usage in making life-saving drugs has made them an important part of industries over recent years.
Pharmaceutical industries use fine chemicals like 2-Chloro-4-methylpyridine and other chemicals for medicine and treatment purposes. Although the majority of the chemicals in Pharmaceutical industries are organic chemicals, we must remember to use chemicals with safety. Chemicals like 4,4′-Bipyridyl is stable under normal temperature and pressure, but one should always use them with personal protective measures.
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Why chemicals are so important in our daily life
Chemicals are everywhere around us, in the toothpaste we use to the food we eat. But Chemicals can be hazardous and toxic and therefore should be handled efficiently. Other than the risk factors modern society has become dependent on chemicals today. Here is how chemicals have influenced many industries and everyday life.

  1.       Agricultural industries use chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc. These chemicals help to control pests and other diseases and help in promoting plant growth effectively.
  2.       Not only in the Agriculture and pharma industry,  but chemicals also have brought a tremendous change in the food industry. The use of chemicals helps to increase the shelf-life of a food product and enhances the flavour as well. With the use of chemicals as preservatives, food industry now have the opportunity to import their food products with no compromise with quality.
  3.       Chemicals in the textile industry are helpful in treating the colour and fabric. Other than that their usefulness as a washing agent, softening agent, stain removal process, fixing agent, etc. Is commendable.
  4.       Chemicals are present in the antibiotics, antacids and even antiseptics that we use in our day to day life.

Today a wide range of chemical products may have changed the way of living, but the danger of exposure and the possibility of harmful side effect is always there. Every chemical is different, their composition is different too and therefore we should handle each one in a different way.
So let us understand how to store fine chemicals and identify any potential hazard while using them.

  •         As one of the best products in the chemical industry,  2-Chloro-4-methylpyridine appears clear to light yellow liquid. This chemical is also called 2-Choloro-4-picoline and has a molecular formula C6H6ClN. Storing this chemical in a dry place in a tightly sealed container is safe. However, in case of any contact with the skin or eyes, the chemical can cause irritation and hence, should be handled with care.

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   If any irritation or accidental inhalation of this chemical occurs, use plenty of water to flush out the chemical from the skin or eyes. Move towards fresh air immediately in case of accidental inhalation. Remember to wear protective clothing while handling the chemicals.

  •         4,4′−Dipyridyl also known as 4,4′-Bipyridyl is mainly used to bridge metal centres and appears like an off-white to brown powder. This chemical is slightly soluble in water and storing it in a dry place is best. Get medical attention immediately in case of exposure as this chemical is highly toxic. Wear protective gloves and avoid inhaling at any cost. Accidental measures and first-aid measure are the first steps to be considered if swallowed accidentally.

Fortunately, by avoiding risks and using safety measures chemicals are a blessing to us than a curse. Whether it is a pharmaceutical or petrochemical industry,  the usage of chemical is only increasing.
Today the chemical industry is the largest growing industry in India. And why not? With their contribution to the growth of food and agriculture, it helps in economic growth too. Therefore with the use of these chemicals finally contributing to the wealth of the country, their demand is only going to increase.